Removing every Snap but Firefox, downloading Flatpak equivalents. I want my apps to be updated and start ASAP

Just in case you want to use Pantheon in Fedora 30, install Gnome Tweaks and change the theme/icons to elementary. You also need to change window's controls to the left of you don't want a dancing close button. For the rest is almost 1:1 since Gnome apps integrate so well.

Got Fedora 30 to install but took me a lot of time make dnf work, now it worked I've installed Pantheon and Deepin. Guess what, where Gnome is slower than any other distro, Pantheon is 2x faster in Fedora than eOS even when it was already fast, I mean, it blows. Of course needs tweaking here and there but man, that's speed.

So, Peppermint OS 10 greatly surprised me, is light, very fast and have a nice defaults but no HiDPI love now I think I've found the perfect distro for me :'(

Linux user since 1998, couldn't pass the Open Suse Leap installer. The only installer that is not HiDPI friendly in 2019

Need to investigate what's that swupd thing

Clear Linux is touching me in the right places

It even comes with Gnome Tweaks installed by default YAY

So, Clear Linux, has a really impressive defaults. The fonts look so good and comes with a great collection of Gnome's extensions. The theme is dope, also.

I'm really done with Fedora, can't give it more chances. Nothing worked.

Don't ever buy a HiDPI screen/laptop unless you want to stick to eOS and wipe the computer every 2 years

Kubuntu: RAM friendly check, snappy check, beautiful check.... HiDPI tray icons ERROR, LightDM HiDPI GO AWAY

There's gonna be a day when Kubuntu supports HiDPI OTB, I know, I feel it in my heart, can feel it in my bones. In my dead body bones because it's gonna be in like 2043's

🐌 <--- was PopOS theme inspired by this?

What happened in the latest PopOs iso? It drags like a snail 🐌

I think I'll never find another distro that is pretty and with good performance as eOS

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