Weekend :
* game #4 in a Near and Far map campaign
* a disastrous game of Dice Hospital in which I had two fatalities
* Underwater Cities (shown)
* Bargain Quest with just two players, at which it didn't shine
* The Ancient World, an enjoyable worker placement game that I'm looking forward to playing again
* Quacks of Quedlinburg, with our new plastic tokens, which are very satisfying to shake around.

"They’ve solved Omni’s Escape, billed as “the world’s toughest , purpose built for the competition by escape room mastermind Dr. Scott Nicholson and his team.” ‘Mastermind Dr. Nicholson’ isn’t the Riddler, a super villain who likes to challenge the Bat-heroes with puzzles. He’s a professor of at the Brantford campus of University, where he runs the BGNlab."


Held our monthly day with friends. I suggested we try a 5-player game of "Factory Funner". Players have to quickly choose machines that take 4 different colours as inputs, and then place and hook them up. You can't ever move a machine, but the pipes and colour source vats can be rearranged for a cost -- it appeals to me as a programmer.

The game gets slower w/ more players; there's a greater chance that one player needs extra time to assemble a complicated layout.

An interview with Kwanchai Moriya, who's exploded onto the scene as an for a lot of different : his work runs from cartoony and fun to realistic, and his name on a box now merits a second look for me.


Spent yesterday at the cafe with another couple, playing 1 game of Wingspan and 2 of Spirit Island. I ended up really disliking Spirit Island:

- simultaneous action usually makes games fast -- but here everyone's actions can be intertwined, so there's a long and tedious discussion between the players.

- I had the Vital Strength of the Earth spirit, and it's default deck is also boring.

- the build/ravage/explore phase requires three different tedious scans of the board.

MeeplePhD's monthly Cosmic Connections : The May 1919 Eclipse and "Einstein: His Amazing Life and Incomparable "


I tried out the American version of -jongg yesterday. At our monthly day, two of the regulars discovered they both really like mah-jongg and both lamented they have no one else to play with. I and another person were interested in trying it out, so we scheduled a session for the four of us. (1/2)

Played Quacks of Quedlinburg last night, using the new bags that my wife sewed to replace the solid black bags that come with the game.

MeeplePhD: A to Z Gaming: The Grizzled We tried to survive World War I in the trenches in The Grizzled, the next game in our A-Z game shelf play-through.


Yesterday I played a four-player practice game of "Near and Far", in preparation for playing through an entire campaign.

Held our monthly day yesterday. A friend brought over Ticket to Ride + the Old West expansion.

It's a fun variant. You can no longer build routes anywhere at will, but have to start from a particular city you control and spread out across the board. Any route going to a city you control earns you points instead of whoever built them.

My spouse's latest /#astronomy video on her MeeplePhD channel discusses the Fermi gamma-ray constellations and the game Gloom.



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