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: I do and programming for Aledade, a healthcare in . Mostly I work remotely from my home in , out in the DC suburbs. Most posts will be about and , , some and news, and the occasional glimpse of daily life.

can we talk about how goddamn brilliant Suzanne Vega's "The Queen and The Soldier" is?

🇺🇸 for US folks:

:covid19: As of today, each house can now request 8 additional no-charge tests shipped free. (Total of 16 per house if you have not yet requested any.)

I see Starforged doesn't offer community copies on itch. So I'd love to gift a couple copies if anyone wants one.

If it seems like your kind of game but you can't comfortably swing the $20 entrance fee, feel free to shoot me a DM and I can gift you a copy on itch. Let's say I've got 3 copies to gift.

It's awesome to see so many people excited about the image of Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of our galaxy.

Wanna learn more? In the link below we've compiled all the material that we produced here at ESO: the press conference recording, visuals, blog posts... Enjoy!

📷 EHT Collaboration

From Americas: "Dark Sky Camping: Reducing Alert Pollution with Modern Observability Practices" is a case study in improving by consolidating on a single platform and how the plan was implemented. I didn't come away with any actionable ideas, but it was interesting.

Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks is a semi-coop game where players are running around space time time, collecting companions, solving dilemmas, and trying to keep ahead of the Daleks all while occasionally regenerating into the next incarnation of the Doct…

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The video of my PyCon keynote is up! This provides much more context around *why* we made PyScript and who it's for. TL;DR: it's about democratizing computing, data & quantitative computing, and the future of a hackable, accessible web. #Python

The Event Horizon Telescope has shown us the first picture of the light shadow of the supeemassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way, Sagittarius A*!

#astronomy #astrophysics #science

UPDATED - Master list of Tabletop Gaming Patreon Projects.

I spent far too long today cleaning up our list of tabletop Patreon pages.

Here you will find tabletop RPG writers, miniature sculptors, map makers, artists, podcasters, and more!

If you or your favourite creator aren't on this list, hit me up and I will get them added!

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Are you running or thinking of running a virtual event? I brain-dumped a lot of the advice I've been giving event organizers lately: hard problems to consider, best practices, and resources/examples of good work.

Tonight we're talking about great games to bring with you on vacation!

We also review Gorinto, one of the best abstract strategy games out there!

We go live at 9pm Eastern at

Head over there now, tap follow and get notified when we go live!

Would appreciate any signal boost on this one. I’m incredibly excited to build a team around BeeWare. I want to make sure we leave no stone unturned.
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Would you like to be paid to work on BeeWare? Anaconda is now hiring for a full time, mid- to senior software engineer to join the Open Source group!

alien 1: in summary, the humans have nearly rendered the blue planet uninhabitable. The only plan they appear to have is to migrate to the red planet.

alien 2: can they breathe the atmosphere of the red planet?

alien 1: no.

alien 2: is there material there they can eat?

alien 1: no.

alien 2: can the plants and animals of their planet live there?

alien 1: no.

alien 2: is there liquid water there?

alien 1: no.

alien 2: lol wtf?

alien 1: lol idk

Founders of Teotihuacan Review on YouTube.

A look at this new tile-laying game, for one to four players, about building the ancient city of Teotihuacan.

While set before Teotihuacan City of the Gods, this is a totally new game, that I think will appeal to a broader range of gamers.

#boardgames #review

Tips for Making Threads 

Do you want to post a lot about a given topic? More than your instance's character limit can offer? Or, on instances with higher character limit like ours, you might want to just keep things tidier. Instead of sending each part as its own post, you can reply to yourself, creating a thread that will be much easier for others to follow.
To indicate you are writing a thread, you can add "x/y" at the end of your message, like 1/3. If you are unsure, you can always write "x/?".
A really kind thing to do is to post only the first post of a thread as Public and the rest as Unlisted. People who wish to read more can expand your post in a new tab to look at everything. The other members of your instance, meanwhile, will be thankful to have less stuff to scroll past on the Local Timeline.
#FediTips #MastoTips

crime, death 

The book has an interesting structure: instead of strict chronology, it begins with Cream's release from prison, following him to London and the series of murders there. After Cream's arrest, Inspector Jarvis is then sent to North America to investigate Cream's background, and only then does the book leap back to his birth, schooling, and first series of crimes in Canada and the US. Unconventional, but it worked really well. 2/2

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crime, death 

I really enjoyed THE CASE OF THE MURDEROUS DR CREAM, a story that links Quebec and London. Thomas Neill Cream was a serial killer, a McGill-educated doctor turned bad who used poison: he would give strychnine to people, claiming it was medicine for their digestion or their skin or whatever, and then try to blackmail unrelated people for the crime. After multiple poisonings in the Lambeth area of London, Cream was arrested and executed in 1892. 1/2

THE BOOK OF EELS, cont'd: Eels are surprisingly little-understood. For a long time it was unknown if they were male or female as no sex organs could be found in dissections. Their lifecycle was only understood in the 1920s: eels in Europe and North America live in fresh water for several years, then migrate to the Sargasso Sea in the north Atlantic to spawn. Yet even today the mating of adult eels has never been observed, and eel numbers are dropping, but no one knows why. (2/2)

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