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I do and programming for Aledade, a healthcare in . Mostly I work remotely from my home in , out in the DC suburbs.

On the blog: We potted herbs from communal and private gardens in Herbaceous, the next game in our A-Z game shelf play-through.

Music on Main: Elinor Frey performs 's Violin Partita in D Minor (BWV 1004) on a baroque

An interview with Kwanchai Moriya, who's exploded onto the scene as an for a lot of different : his work runs from cartoony and fun to realistic, and his name on a box now merits a second look for me.

A little birdy tells me the PSF Board of Directors Election hasn't reached quorum 😱

Y'all need to get a wriggle on!

Check your email for something from 'helios' and vote.

Already voted? Yay! You get a cookie 🍪

Wow, the Star Raiders Rifftrax is really lifeless; the movie is talky and dull, but not bad enough to be fun. The live audience's silence at most of the jokes is starting to feel oppressive.

It's time for to grow up and go beyond what I can do as one person. This has taken a lot of thought over the course of this year; here's the factors driving it, the path forward and what it means for the future. Here's Project Svalbard:

From the track: "Evaluating Fringe and Ideas in " (49min) is an entertaining survey of things like the "aquatic ape" hypothesis of human origins, a science writer who argues all were aquatic, Triassic hyper-intelligent "krakens", and more.

This was one of the raffle prizes given away at the convention yesterday. The different illustrated squares reference various cases from the Canon.

The program wraps up with Burt Wolder, from the I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere podcast ( ), on the Life of Arthur Conan Doyle.

Next, "The Scandalous Canon", on the 14 stories that involve a scandal, and Holmes' attitude toward scandals.

The Rathbone talk was a lot of fun because it featured product placement. The theme was Rathbone's day as he used some of the many, many products he endorsed. Many of these ads are collected at !

Next, "A Pioneer and A Fusilier: The Case of the Converging Commissions", speculating on the histories of Watson and Col. Sebastian Moran.

Lunch. More door prizes. The next talk is "A Day in the Life of Basil Rathbone".

Door prizes! And now, "The Victorian Obsession with Dinosaurs and ACD's The Lost World"

After the traditional filk song (commemorating the end of Elementary, to the tune of "My Way"), the next talk is a comparison of Doyle and Bram Stoker.

After the morning break: "Watson's Hidden Diagnosis", by a well-known Sherlockian, Bob Katz.

Next: Sickness, Sexuality, and Subtext in "The Blanched Soldier".

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