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I do and programming for Aledade, a healthcare in . Mostly I work remotely from my home in , out in the DC suburbs.

Held our monthly day yesterday. A friend brought over Ticket to Ride + the Old West expansion.

It's a fun variant. You can no longer build routes anywhere at will, but have to start from a particular city you control and spread out across the board. Any route going to a city you control earns you points instead of whoever built them.

Want to learn more about ActivityPub, extensible file formats, and how parsing files is like learning another language? Check out this week's episode of Libre Lounge:

David Tennant's podcast has now reached around 10 episodes, and it's been great! Tennant turns out to be an unexpectedly good interviewer who mostly stays out of the way.

Last week's episode was a conversation with Samantha Bee that was really interesting, on her career, early intentions to become a dramatic actress, auditioning for The Daily Show, Full Frontal's writing process, and more.

Jason Scott just dumped the ZIL source code for every infocom game on github. Clone it before Activision's lawyers wake up. And now we see how long it takes for the internet to produce a compiler for a language that's been dead for 30+ years from a cache of production grade source code for said language. We've had compiled z-machine files, but never the original ZIL.

remember! if your local timeline doesn't make you wanna jump into the community you're in or feel warm & fuzzy like the cutie you are it's ok to try other communities!

you don't want to stay somewhere that makes you feel like you're just tolerating it cause you "have to" like on those big branded blue sites

find the fediverse community (or communities!) that makes you wanna go–

:blobmeltcryinglove: "this place is so good!!!"

–every time you open it

Numberphile: How many ways can circles overlap?

It sounds like a simple problem, but it's surprisingly complicated.

.@downey I think it's time to mute the instance so that it doesn't appear in the federated timeline on

LWN: The state of the OSU Open Source Lab

Summary of a conference talk about the State OSL, which hosts a wide variety of projects, both for organizations like the , , and Software Foundations, and for individual projects such as mutt.

You don't hear a lot about the OSL, but I donate money to them every year.

Playing retro games at Crabtown in Glen Burnie MD. Johnny Mnemonic seems like an obscure property for a pinball machine!

PBS's The Art Assignment: "Explore the and life of Andy Warhol through the food he depicted as well as the food he actually ate. We work our way through the ultimate Andy Warhol tasting menu."

Found on Metafilter: LoC Serendipity: Curated and Randomly Generated Selections from the Library of Congress

This site picks random records from the LoC catalog, and links to scanned versions on

: A talk by James Meikle on his company's switch from running jobs using cron to using 's more sophisticated scheduling and dependency management. If you're already familiar with Airflow, this talk may not teach you much, but it's a good basic overview of the features that Airflow offers.

My spouse's latest /#astronomy video on her MeeplePhD channel discusses the Fermi gamma-ray constellations and the game Gloom.

I'm going into to the Kennedy Center. Canadian singer Tanya Tagaq is doing a free performance on the Millennium Stage, and I thought this was a not-to-be-missed chance. They stream the live performance, so you can watch too.

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