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I do and programming for Aledade, a healthcare in . Mostly I work remotely from my home in , out in the DC suburbs.

whale anatomy, gore, worms, octopuses 

CBC News: "Experts say bringing more women into the field could help protect data, but the industry is only starting to recruit more ."

(Adapted from a meme I've found)

🧛 Dracula: *transforms into a bat* 🦇

:blobaww: Me: OMG flappy sky puppy come here there is a blanket and I've got the brushybrushy for you do you want the brushybrushy

🦇 ...

:blobaww: ...

🦇 ...

:blobaww: ...

🦇 ... *tiny voice* yes

"54 years after the original BBC television broadcast, Studios will premiere a new production of Mission to the Unknown, a missing episode that has been faithfully recreated by a team of students, graduates and staff of the University of Central Lancashire. Mission to the Unknown will be premiered on the Doctor Who YouTube channel at exactly 5.50pm BST on the 9th October."

The latest Cooking episode from 's The Art Assignment mixes a of with discussion of what his household was like and what his favorite dishes were. (20min)

Dennis Overbye in the New York Times summarizes: "Turns out that it has been , complete with its own hashtag, according to . “I think they wanted to highlight all of the black-hole work that NASA telescopes have done and are doing, and combine it into a weeklong social-media event,” Peter Edmonds, a spokesman for the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for and the Chandra X-ray Observatory, wrote in an email."

Wrapping up : my wife is running a Reddit Ask Me Anything right now with a bunch of other astrophysicists. If you have any questions about black holes, feel free to post them!

So cool!


This is the very first simulated image of a black hole, calculated using a 1960s punch card IBM 7040 computer and plotted by hand by French astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet in 1978. #BlackHoleWeek


You know you need new wallpapers!


Wishing you had some black-hole-themed wallpapers for your phone or desktop? We’ve got you covered! Check out’s Instagram story or visit this link to download your own: #WallpaperWednesday #BlackHoleWeek


Another part of : a new visualization of a black hole's appearance, doing a 360-degree fly-around so that you can see how the accretion disk is being warped by the spacetime distortion. There's a nice annotated diagram of the different parts of what you're seeing, and several different video & GIF versions, including a 4K rendering.

.@downey's federated timeline has lots and lots of content, now that they're all going into meltdowns over there over impeachment news. I think the whole instance should just get blocked.

The Software Foundation announces changes to the PSF's to harmonize it with 's, as well as their new reporting and enforcement guidelines.

Here's a 13-minute video on a new discovery, part of a series on expressing numbers as the sum of three cubes. It's long been known that 3 = 1**3 + 1**3 + 1**3, and also 3 = 4**3 + 4**3 + (-5)**3. These are small, single-digit numbers.

Now a computer search has found that 3 = 569936821221962380720**3 + (-569936821113563493509)**3 + (-472715493453327032)**3. (You can paste that expression into your interpreter to verify it!)

Hello people! You may have noticed that @apconf is now online, and *some* of the videos have started to appear!

So far:
- @mlemweb's introduction to the conference
- My keynote:
"ActivityPub: past, present, future"
- Mark Miller's keynote: “Architectures of Robust Openness”

More are coming... the server is working away at making them available :)

My background this afternoon: Renée Fleming doing some jazz songs, and then accompanied by Angélique Kidjo in songs by and . Fleming starts around minute 13, and Kidjo arrives on stage around minute 54.

(This was the opening for the Reach, a new building next to the Kennedy Center that will host learning activities.)

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