We're now running Mastodon v3.5.2 on floss.social.

Lots of bug fixes, and some UI/UX changes for direct messages, now labeled as "mentioned people only".


If you have had trouble to move your account to another instance due to a problem with the alias page, please try again.

A patch has been deployed on top of Mastodon v3.5.1 that should resolve this bug.

🍰 FLOSS.social is turning 4 next month!

Thank you for helping make our community useful and friendly.

By popular demand, for the new year we are moving our financial Supporters Program to Liberapay, so head to liberapay.com/FLOSS.social/ if you'd like to help meet our goals for the coming year.

:matrix: Did you know FLOSS.social has a Matrix room? Join us any time for service announcements or just to chat: matrix.to/#/#floss.social:matr


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