@ademalsasa @gemlog I love Yunohost! I’ve been using it for a couple years now and it’s awesome.

It seems longer, but I converted one vms to yunohost just this past january.
It's pretty cool. Some packages for applications are broken, but it is overall a Good Thing :-)

So impressive that I had to reinstall the entire OS and start over like 6 times that afternoon! :-)
I kept 'helping' it...
But complicated management scripts like yunohost are very brittle and don't take kindly to the earth moving under their feet!
Eventually, I stopped doing all the things I usually do to move into a new server and then things were fine - as long as I kept my grubby little fingers out of it :-)
As of now, the *only* changes I made manually were to ssh and to the ownership of one folder in /var, so a remote cronjob could write to it.

@gemlog @ademalsasa I have had similar experience. I did download and install a mega raid package for the raid card and a ups power manager package. It will politely shut itself down during a power failure now. You can manage the firewall with the yunohost command and you can renew ssl certs there. What I do is every 90 days or so I open port 80 on the firewall and renew all the let’s encrypt certs and then close port 80. Yuno host is happy to auto renew them but if you close port 80 let’s encrypt won’t issue. Glad you are all setup now.

Nice setup!
I haven't controlled a ups in my life. I have installed them locally on client file servers and business computers. Best use of control was STONITH with DRBD :-)
I only have had public facing servers in NOCs like netnation and contabo, real iron and vps.

@gemlog @ademalsasa I tried and struggled self hosting with spectrum internet. They have abysmal upstream speeds. Google WebPass the fiber equivalent for apartments rolled out and it made it so I can reliably use the services away from home too. :-) I do have to upgrade the host soon. It’s only 4 core and 8 gigs of ram so it doesn’t like transcoding video or running mastodon and those are the next two tasks I’d like to do. Anyhow hope yunohost works well for you!

Thanks! Like I said, it's been working fine since the first day and that was 6 months ago now.
This weekend marked a major upgrade of debian and that went well too. No complaints.

There is fibre to every residence in my town, but I'm on the cheapest cable plan available. I use vps in germany for only €4/month, so I have two of them.
In business, 15 years ago, I remember paying $240CAD/month for nearly the same thing, but with real iron down in texas.

@gemlog thanks for sharing your valuable experience so generously! I'd love to hear more about Yunohost from you, my friend.


@ademalsasa Not only @mnw , but our friend @elias in Taiwan also uses yunohost.
Mastodon is a great place for meeting people with similar interests.

@gemlog wow, thank you very much for mentioning new friend to me@mnw@tilde.zone. Hello, @elias, nice to find a new Yunohost friend.

@gemlog @ademalsasa @mnw for the broken or non-existent packages i just use docker. yunohost helps with things i don't like like nginx :D

Oh? I switched from apache to nginx over a decade ago. I find it a lot less complicated to use and makes more sense to me. I was only cargo-culting apache along for years.
@ademalsasa @mnw

@gemlog @ademalsasa @mnw ha i just have never understood all that (or taken the time to learn) so i enjoy that i just use the redirect_ynh app in yunohost and it takes care of all that stuff

Ha ha! :-)
"I just use " thing-gemlog-never-heard-of !
I used "Install custom app " for a flat site I update via ssh cronjob, but I didn't know redirect_ynh was there.
I've never needed docker, so it wasn't until last night, at your suggestion, that I installed and ran it for searxng here at home.
I was going to put it on my other non-ynh vps, because it seemed simpler than fighting ynh and breaking it, because I know how to do it manually.
@ademalsasa @mnw

@ademalsasa I couldn't understand their website... 🤷

Is it something like the FreedomBox? 🤔

@freezr perhaps because they don't explicitly say that they are a GNU/Linux distro on the front page. Yes, it is similar to Freedombox GNU/Linux.

@ademalsasa @freezr Except that FreedomBox is not yet another distribution, but a Debian Pure Blend (a core part of Debian itself).

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