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Hi @alcinnz, thanks for boosting, you are the first programmer.

Wow, Man, @codeberg helped boosting my post about Codeberg. This feels truly amazing.

Hi my friend @Zergling_man, thanks for boosting my post once again. Let's support .

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@ademalsasa No account, but I'm intending to set up a gitea instance before I do any personal coding.


I opted to run my own Gitea instance, so I don't. But I like Gitea, so far.

I have some special needs, or from another perspective, intend to seriously strain the software.

I felt it would be a little abusive to treat a free public resource like Codeberg that way. I also had to set some NGINX and Gitea parameters to handle larger files without choking.

Works, though. So far, anyway. My instance can handle multi-gigabyte blobs, as needed for my animation production files.

@TerryHancock I've got a very deep insight and experience here. Thank you, Sir, for sharing such valuable thing.

@ademalsasa Yes, I do. And I am also a paying member of Codeberg e.V., the association running the show. The 48€/year I used to spend on GitHub now go to them.

@ademalsasa It wasn't really an emotional thing. I like Gitea, Codeberg does a fantastic job, IMHO, and I prefer to pay for good service :) I hope many more not only start using Codeberg but also help them grow by donating time or money :)

@ademalsasa I've been having a Codeberg account for more than two years now but I am not a programmer, so won't boost. (git, issue tracking, pages etc. is useful for other tasks as well, e.g. for editing and publishing things on the web.)

@acka47 hello, I am also having Codeberg account since its first inception and am not a programmer also. Thanks for participating!

@ademalsasa I don't have public open source projects. As soon as that changes I know where to go 😅

@carce nice to hear that. Please keep your free software development.


I have an @fdroidorg and @codeberg exhibition since august 2020 in berlin

and in september in dresden.

So - i ❤️ #fdroid and #codeberg


Thank you for the praise.

(There are also devs who simply delete all oversettings and I find that really annoying).

So thank you very much for your praise.

@ademalsasa I can't load context for this post, so I can't tell if someone has already said this... Any centralised service will meet the same fate. I think codeberg is equally worthless. Run your own git server.
Gitea's federation (pretty close!) will solve many of the related issues, but then, so does email patch/ticket systems. (Captain Arepa can tell you *all about* those!)
And, of course, reminder that git can run over ssh. You don't need anything fancy. Keep things simple, justify why complexity is necessary.

@ademalsasa Nah.

I ran a private gitea instance for a bit, but wasn't a fan. SourceHut better fits my tastes.

I'm glad that CodeBerg/Gitea exist for the people who prefer it, but it's not for me.

@pixelherodev What are the most notable difference between the two platforms?

@ChrisWere Gitea had most of the same issues I had with GitHub; it seemed too cloney. Moreover, gitea was heavily dependent on JavaScript, which I have blocked by default on most devices, and is completely unsupported by the rest. works flawlessly with mothra, netsurf, and w3m. Gitea won't even let me *look* at *other people's repos* in such an environment!

gitea also has antisocial misfeatures ala GitHub.

Gitea is a better GitHub, and that's not a compliment.

Primarily the UI, but also the social stuff (stars), the not-actually-forks, the not-actually-pull-requests, the activity trackers, the... huh. Does *Github* even have a followers systeM?? Yep. Yes, it does, I had to check. >_>

So, yeah. It has a lot of things I dislike, its performance is bad (probably as a result of all the misfeatures and the computation needed to support them), and it requires JS.

What's to like?



I'd love to, but unfortunately, the comment box is unusable on mobile.

@ademalsasa Ironically, I have just recently signed up to codeberg a few minutes ago. Still learning how to use it, but looking great so far.

@blenderdumbass hello, thanks for sharing I'm also at Notabug, my friend, and even since long before Codeberg. Please share more.

@arcade thanks for sharing Sourcehut. I'm at Sourcehut too, my friend.

Just discovered this, sounds great as an alternative to github. I'm definetly giving this a go.

@ademalsasa I still have a GitHub account, but don't use it anymore. My (really small) projects are now self hosted (git + gitweb).

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