get fedi hired (me) 

I am a currently full-time Ph.D. student living on student loans. Last year I was a GTA until shit hit the fan and I quit. I need employment so I can prove to the state in an Affidavit of Support that I can financially support my future spouse who is immigrating.

Can you or your associate(s) hire me?

I have valuable skills in:

software engineering: any language, but FP is preferred
systems engineering (my program of study!) including model-based architecture
consulting (engineering/innovation/strategy)
website development: WordPress, static site-generated, custom web applications
system administration (Linux/OpenBSD)
technical writing (hire me to write your documentation!)

Please DM me for further details about my professional background, and to send information about an opening. Paid worker-owned co-op positions will get preference.

#fediHired #getFediHired :boost_requested:


get fedi hired (me) 

@theruran reshared, I hope you will get the best job. Good luck.

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