Are you looking for a job?

Sharing is very appreciated.

Univention, a German company that creates GNU/Linux server systems, opens several and IT vacancies including and programming positions.

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Are you looking for a job? II

Sharing is very appreciated.

System76, the company behind Ubuntu and Pop_Os! computers from Denver, Colorado, U.S. established 2005, now opens several and IT including full-stack web developer and software engineer.

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Thank you my friend @Decentralize_today for resharing my Free Software Job Vacancy. See you in the chapter III.

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You are the hacker, the whole world and Free Software Community owe you in computing, Sir. Thank you very much for all and everything you did on Linux, Debian and the Free Software Community. Greetings and respects from Indonesia.


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Are you looking for a job? III

Sharing is very appreciated.

Qt, the multinational company behind The Qt Framework, the materials that created and Desktops, opens many positions you can imagine including , UI designer, etc. with and languages.

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@ademalsasa It's no longer listed. I suppose they're reviewing applications. 🙂

@josias thank you for informing. Perhaps applicants coming from this mastodon post.

@ademalsasa why they think dog office is supposed to be a perk is beyond stupid. I mean I'm assuming they don't lather every desk in peanut butter, maybe they do.

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