Hello my friends @rikylinux_ar @Zergling_man I've got a new post above here about hotkeys. What do you think?

Amazing, there are many people reshared my post above and I got many new friends. Thank you all and let's share once again.

@cherusker @yutyo @MrClon @yusufipek @Aloe @ruffni @horhik @supportfireman @orin220444 @tobi

:mastodon: :fediverse: :gnu: :linux: ✉️ :firefox: 🌻 🍀 🍎

@Zergling_man it is for vanilla Mastodon Web, my friend. Everyday I access Mastodon with Firefox.

@ademalsasa I assume mastofe is identical to it, since, well, it's in the name. ツ
That said, since it's already documented in it, I think it's more worth focusing on how to encourage people to actually check it. Something that doesn't rely on hearing things from each other, something that all users can see and know, just by using it.
Does that already exist? Is there a "try pressing ?" button on it?

@Zergling_man on Mastodon, see bottom-left corner, click Hotkeys, list of all hotkeys appear.

@ademalsasa Dito. Hopefully I will have something to share for you, since most of the time my postings are german. Thank you anyway! :)

@tobi hello, Tobi, thank you for replying to me in English. However, today we all have floss.social/@ademalsasa/10700 so language challenges could be easier now. Thanks for being considerate!

@ademalsasa Thank you. I didn't know that. Will try it soon!

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