Why do you use a messenger?

Please choose one and say your opinions.

@Faket I respect your choice, Gregory. And glad to find @threemaapp at Mastodon too!

@Faket @ademalsasa @threemaapp

tell Threema to implement Matrix - then you can use your favourite app while others do as well

@wholesomedonut @ademalsasa This post was to long. So i decided to summarize your main points on why XMPP sucks


@wholesomedonut I respect your choice, Connor. My Matrix ID is

@ademalsasa @vfrmedia I use Jami, but no one talk to me. So I use Element too. Although Element is not P2P, it is free/libre and federated. I can talk to geeks via Element. I asked my family to join Element too but it is too difficult for them. So I use Signal too. My wife hates Signal though. So I use Telegram too at least its client runs on GNU/Linux. Recently my friends join Telegram too because of pro-democracy protestors and pro-cryptocurrency people. I use LINE because most of Thai people use only LINE. I use Discord too because young geeks love it and deny to move to other platforms.

@veer66 oh, thank you for your experience, Veer. It is news to me that most Thai people use the Japan based LINE. Hey, I also use Telegram, Veer.


@ademalsasa Telegram, because there's almost everyone I need and it's functional
@ademalsasa to message people? :comfyxd: Why else would anyone use a messenger?

@ademalsasa Element, because I have bridges to Discord and Telegram. So I can talk to my familiy. And it also support audiomessages now :)
A nice extra is that there are many groups on it and I could setup my own server if spyware-by-default hits the law.

I do use matrix, but mainly to spam images at friends or admin stuff, i much prefer fluffyxhat otherwise so thats my go too

Yes it is. Mainly for mobile os like android and ios, but there is a flatpack and snap package avalivle for linux desktops. I belive there is also a browser version.

@ademalsasa whatsapp and telegram; the people I communicate with don't use nor want to use yet another messaging app

@ademalsasa I use Threema, Signal & Element in that particular order.

@ademalsasa XMPP with OMEMO because it's best up to my needs.
I use Threema as well, for "not- advanced-user"- contacts!

@u_urban I respect your choice, Urban. Thanks for sharing, all your choices are useful.

@ademalsasa I have recently started using Session. And I'm liking it.

Signal:- To chat with my brother. No one else I know in my family and (offline) friends seem to be using the app! 😔

Matrix (Element) and XMPP (Conversations/
for a few of the awesome friends I met on the Fediverse! 😊

I did try most of the other private messengers, and did like them, but no one I know uses them, and also how many chat apps can I use. The above ones seem to be enough! :blobcatgiggle:

@strawberryfieldsforever I respect your choices, my friend. I already met you at XMPP it was wonderful. Please deliver my greetings to your brother too!

@ademalsasa because everyone in my circles does. I still refer everyone to email and delta chat but if I didn't use telegram and WhatsApp I would have no social life nor contact with family whatsoever and very limited online too

@ana thanks for sharing this, Ana! I use email and Telegram mainly and daily. Now I am trying out Delta Chat. You can mail me too if you want. Just tell, I will send my address via PM.


it works flawless, fast and it is easy to install. Last thing on my wishlist is multiple device (one account) support.

One drawback is the small userbase


maybe one more thing, they claim they are open source. For many ppl is it a deal-breaker


I voted for Element since I am using Matrix. But I am also using SchildiChat and gomuks. And also trying out the different and cool clients here:

@selea thanks for sharing so much, Selea, as always. Hey, I also am trying out Schildi it looks much better than Element to me.

@ademalsasa Because I want to send immediate SMS-like messages to some people, and be confident that their contents are more secure/confidential than the defaults.
Because I also want to do voice & video chat with them, avoiding international call charges, and they can (just) drive a smartphone, we'd have endless trouble trying to use a computer.

@yojimbo representing many people including me. Nice, Yojimbo-san.

XMPP, with Dino & Conversations.
Because it works™, it is secure (with OMEMO), resource conservative and has a very diverse ecosystem, unlike Element, which brought nothing beside the "shiny new toy" effect.

Telegram as a second choice for less-techy people, because unlike Signal, it doesn't spam my phone number to any single contact I have including people in groups; also I perceive its founder as slightly less asshole than Signal's, and I would use neither for sensitive stuff.

@caffeine great choices and hey, I also use both Telegram and XMPP. I love coffee too. Thanks for sharing.

@caffeine @ademalsasa

Element has brought much more than that: Matrix with
- federation with decentralized conversations, Spaces (and soon threads)
- usable E2EE thanks to sync & cross signing
- Pinecones which may bring P2P to the masses
- working puppeting bridges

I believe Element introduced a new era of messaging

@KitKat thank you very much for explaining it is valuable to me. Sent a message to you at Matrix.


Element because it's mostly a glorified irc client tbh.

Most of the time I use whatsapp. Not that I like it but everyone in NL uses it.

@ademalsasa Matrix (using Element) and from it using bridges IRC, Telegram, Discord, Slack, XMPP and WhatsApp. Nothing comes close in versatility. #matrix

@cos great choice and what a versatility. Thanks and reshared, my friend.

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