Why you do not use XMPP?

Please share your opinions.

I myself have XMPP accounts but almost never use it as my friends are not there at the moment (since years).

My XMPP account is You can say hi to me there!

Thanks to all friends participating in this XMPP poll, now is trending at Mastodon. Let's share.

What is XMPP?

For friends who do not know about :xmpp: XMPP, it is a "choice" other than "choices" we usually chose to communicate online in the internet.

So, loosely saying there are WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Matrix, Jami and there is XMPP. It can be your next choice of communication.

Find more explanation at the official source

You might find this post from the XMPP poll above or hashtag at Mastodon.

@ademalsasa I opened a xmpp account in advance. In case people around me decide to wake up and start looking for alternatives for the dreaded WhatsApe.

@ademalsasa exactly the same situation. I have xmpp client always running, because I wish it spreads more.

@ademalsasa, I just added yours to my roster...

@ademalsasa I don't use XMPP because no one that I know uses it and I found encryption to be hard to set up.

@hbenjamin @ademalsasa In Conversations on Android OMEMO seems to be switched on by default.

@ademalsasa I'm there but my friends, family and colleagues are somewhere ells.

@ademalsasa I don't think that XMPP has a good future, because Matrix is - for my opinion - way better. And I only know about 1-3 XMPP-users and everyone of them uses Matrix too.

@joelschurter @ademalsasa bummer that matrix is too dependent on the main Server and also a Metadata nightmare

@Palanix last time I checked (early this year), only ~30-35% of the users were on, and metadata concerns could be solved by P2P matrix. If anything, the issue with matrix is the low quality of synapse and element.

@dalz 35% is a lot, really, a LOT. also, p2p isn't usable in large servers. it would make sense to add option (i dont know what it is or never heard of it)

@ademalsasa I mean I use it on a daily basis to chat with many people, get information through bots, etc

@jr I shared my XMPP account at the above below the poll. I hope we can chat and be friends!

@ademalsasa lazyness and happy with matrix, used xmpp years ago but close to noone was using it back than I've used matrix with some people two years ago or something and the amount of times it was impossible to just send a stupid image was too high for me personally
Matrix doesn't seem to have this problem in general

@sugarbell @ademalsasa uhh which word has to be replaced with xmpp? i mena i know it is matrix but which one djkafhkdjfhsdj the first one is xmpp
I used xmpp with some people
but matrix handles files better
I didn't have enough caffeine yet OKAY? ;w;


I do use it. however. I have some major problems with it. The biggest one is attachments. Even though you can use encryption, all attachments are done with public http links. Even if the data is encrypted, I don't like the idea of having attachments on public links.

@ademalsasa My friends not using it is #1, but I'd also miss crowded rooms like IRC. Or vocal capacity as discord has (I wish I could ditch discord altogether... But friends).

@ademalsasa "My friends are not there" is something stupid, you can convert them to XMPP if you want. And if they are really your friends and they wish to keep the friendship, they will follow you anywhere

@qorg hello friend, what's your XMPP handle? I've shared mine above right below the poll.

I use XMPP, but I wish more people I know used it! 😊

One problem I faced is the cross device OMEMO encryption being a little complex. I keep getting the message, "This message was not encrypted for your device!" :BlobCatGoogly:


I would say it is a combination of factors for me personally:

No good looking clients - therefore it was hard "recuiting" friends and family to it

Clients are just too different - some supports OMEMO, other dont, other has their own variant so people just send cleartext messages anyway

>Why you do *not* use XMPP?
I don't just use XMPP. I host my own XMPP server.
@ademalsasa I use xmpp but all my friends don't like it except one. The other one hates everything that isn't discord...

@ademalsasa @selea |s post about OMEMO usage, that's exactly why i am not using xmpp any more.

@strawberryfieldsforever hi Strawberry, what is your XMPP account? Mine is already shared above right under the poll and I hope we can be friends too.

@ademalsasa Hi Ade, I got curious, Why you support #XMPP so much, I mean, it's very cool federated messaging platform, but I think that Matrix have more security locks for groups, private chats and reactions to messages, you even can use it in terminal, Windows,Mac,Linux or Web client (Element)
Could you tell me why ?
(I'm talking respectfully btw 😅 )

XMPP has all those things too. Admittedly support for reactions is not widespread (yet?) but I don't consider that a reason to persuade all my family and other contacts to another platform 🙂

@mattj @ademalsasa Hold on... Did you got all your family to use an XMPP chat?
Awesome XD

@mattj @ademalsasa To be honest, I tried (at first) use an XMPP chat, but almost all available servers were paid and I found Matrix as a worthy successor to IRC and I used it, the main server or is awesome and are not so lame as XMPP (at least the ones I had known by that moment)

@navitux We used to use a self-hosted Prosody server and various clients, these days we moved to a self-hosted Snikket and brought several more family members on board. Hoping to add a few more now that the Snikket iOS app is released.

It does help that I'm a developer of these projects. It's the only way they can reach me 😀

They still have the ability to use other apps for communicating between themselves, but they actually happily use Snikket for that ❤️

@mattj @ademalsasa That's awesome, If you let me ask: Are you from USA or America? Because with the censorship in other regions XMPP could be a good tool or Why did you choose XMPP ??

@navitux I'm in the UK. I'm less concerned about censorship and more about surveillance capitalism, and the right to choose your software and service provider.

I believe open networks built on interoperable standards are the best solution to these issues and the many others that arise from centralized control of communication networks.

@navitux @ademalsasa I use #xmpp over matrix because its lightweight, and matrix encryption confused me.. with all the passwords and keys

@Aman9das @ademalsasa mmm, as I commented before, I didn't found a good no-paid server and those security measures is what makes matrix more secure as far as I know

@navitux hi Ivan, nice question and I am open in this regard.

It is because I support all things and in the past I already shared many things about the others so now it is the time for and next time the other ones. This is my point of view and thus I also support Matrix so much, as well as Telegram, Jami, Signal and also Session.

If you ask my personal comparison, I myself also find Matrix is practically far more user friendly, "just works", usable than XMPP.

Thank you!

@ademalsasa Worth pointing out that the primary audience for is a technical one - it contains all the specifications for software developers to build their libraries and apps on top of #XMPP, and have it interoperable with the rest of the XMPP ecosystem.

It does have a few pages to help guide non-technical users, but a more user-focused intro to the network can be found at

@mattj I am very glad MattJ from Prosody and Snikket commented in my poll about . Thank you very much, Matt. What a beautiful explanation I could understand quickly. May I know your XMPP account?

@ademalsasa Sure, you can reach me at by XMPP or email.

You should probably know in advance that I don't use OMEMO on my public XMPP account 🙂

@mattj very nice of you. Sent instantly, Matt. Thanks a ton.

@mattj @ademalsasa

> I don't use OMEMO on my public XMPP account 🙂


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