@ademalsasa Hi, WriteAs is a flagship instance and a service by main developer - the software itself is called WriteFreely: writefreely.org

@lightone @ademalsasa Thanks for correcting that! That's right 🙂

Official fediverse account for :writefreely2: WriteFreely is @writefreely

@novaburst @cos @ademalsasa

I think everything they listed supports ActivityPub, and I don't think the chat protocols like IRC, Matrix, or XMPP technically do.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if Matrix or XMPP could support ActivityPub if someone wrote a gateway.

@alienghic @novaburst @ademalsasa I think being part of fediverse is about federation and decentralization, not using some protocol or technology to acheive that.

@cos @alienghic @novaburst @ademalsasa the fediverse is stuff that supports ActivityPub not stuff thats federated

@liaizon @alienghic @novaburst @ademalsasa where does this definition come from? I'd call that activitypubverse :)

@alienghic @liaizon @ademalsasa @novaburst @cos Are you really asking for a central authority on the definition of a term qualifying a part of the decentralized social media space? 😄
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