What is the blogging platform you use right now?

Please help share.

I make the above poll about blogging platform because I want to know other alternatives people actually use.

I use WordPress now by a gratis account at service and I cannot afford paid one nor do self hosting.

I have a GitLab Pages and I know how to setup a GitHub Pages but time wise I cannot afford to maintain such ones. Apparently I am a WordPress person.

I am trying WriteFreely,, and Plume but they're too simple and do not have sidebars and widgets that I need.

@ademalsasa Self-hosted+Hugo: it is almost as cheap as a basic (could probably be cheaper, though). Configured it in minutes. Customizable. Lighter. Fully works offline. Does not use WP's shitty Gutenberg editor, one can use whatever text editor one fancy. Hugo has good Markdown and Org support 😍
No adds. No tracking, no spying.

If I wanted to, I could even write posts on my phone but let's just say I don't blog that much and the screen is too tiny for my 50+ old eyes 😋

@ademalsasa I most recently use octo-something which is based on Jekyll.

@ademalsasa and visitors wouldn't have known other than using discourse for comments that it was 100% free.

@ademalsasa except domain rego fees, can't avoid them without making compromises.

@22Decembre @ademalsasa a work-in-progress HTML/CSS webpage. Still missing my first post and an RSS feed

@ademalsasa static web site with HUGO, slim and customizable!

Self hosted Hugo. All my site will migrate from wp to Hugo (or similar).
Lightweight, secure, easy to configure.

@Horizon_Innovations @ademalsasa I’ve done Wordpress to Hugo and back to WordPress. If I was to do a secondary site I might give eleventy or something else a try.

@dudenas @Horizon_Innovations @ademalsasa a few. First, it’s a much better system to manage more than a few pages of content. Second, I still work in WordPress so, when I realized Hugo wasn’t going to work, it made sense to come back so I could keep up on the platform. Finally, it isn’t perfect but the block editor has actually gotten pretty nice as a writing tool.

I'll keep a couple of wp site cos of woocommerce. I much prefer HTML/CSS & site generators make it easier, & site loading is quicker than wp, especially for large sites.

@Horizon_Innovations @ademalsasa Had used Hugo for many years but switched to Eleventy for speed of set up, simplicity and I found it worked well with Tailwind CSS

Thanks for the heads up, had seen before, will definitely try it out.

@ademalsasa Using Jekyll for our main website, WordPress for our ‘tech’ blog (allows commenting), and TiddlyWiki for small, tips-like articles (with WebDAV, so I can create a note and publish it in seconds, all from the web interface).

@contact @ademalsasa I blogged about my comments journey recently, might be interesting if you want something with Jekyll.

@ademalsasa I use Bludit on GNU/ and some other blogs. Easy, powerful and fast, Bludit is the best CMS for me.

@ademalsasa static site generator (eleventy) hosted on github pages. Looking to move off GH for a sustainable hosting provider.

My static contact-site is also made from scratch with HTML.

@ademalsasa WordPress, then Pluxml, then hugo, self hosted. From the hosting point of view, hugo is the easiest : rsync and an HTML server.

The other point is that I love writing in markdown, in {n}vim, in a terminal. Add to learn a lot of things (and still learning...), but feel relaxed in this environment.

@ademalsasa NIkola, self-hosted.

(sorry, previous toot was a brainfart; I did consider Pelican, but went with Nikola in the end)

@ademalsasa I am growing to like dreamwidth recently. Using it for a personal blog and for a new themed blog project I am starting.

I am also enjoying using the Gemini protocol and gemlogs. I have one Gemini capsule with 3 gemlogs and use vger and httpd on an openbsd vm along with a few scripts to publish that and its full html clone including atom feeds.

@ademalsasa I've looked at all of these and finally settled on writing my own little blog script. It's got no editor at all so I just write in any ol' text editor and upload as .md files to my Tor blog. Lets me focus on writing and not the platform

@ademalsasa Uhm. I use the Apache web server and a few of my own scripts to turn form input into static files.

@ademalsasa self-hosted static site built with Gatsby. I don't love it but it works

@ademalsasa I would've ticked WP, Medium and WriteFreely, but I had to choose one.

@maloki you are very amusing. Yes, thanks for letting me know you like those three.

@ademalsasa Self-hosted WordPress for the active blogs, eleventy (static generator) for the ones that are more or less "done"

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