Which federated social media is the most user friendly to you?

Sharing is very appreciated.

Please share your experiences too if you don't mind.

I chose Mastodon.

Let me share with you. Mastodon is the user friendliest federated social networking site to me. Easy to join, easy to make friends, easy to post and share everything, quickly and understandably.

As a comparison, with respects to the developers, when I found fediverse at the very beginning, it was Diaspora and I really had no idea how I shall use it, nor I got friends I could chit chat with like I did with Mastodon.

Hello, @redstarfish, I got a new poll above I think you would be interested with.

I also mention my friends @nemo and @Zergling_man.

Hello,, thank you for participating and resharing my poll! What did you choose? I chose Mastodon.

This poll above grows to 200 participants already and currently is leading. Please share your experience with .

@Zergling_man thanks, I got new friends. This speed to make new friends was what I could not get at Diaspora at that time.

@schestowitz @velartrill @thor

@ademalsasa @thor @velartrill @schestowitz To be fair, that's more of a community issue than a software issue, unless the software actively hampers attempts at communication, like a certain rather famous one... Or two...

@Zergling_man I am talking as a whole (gestalt) here without making difference between parts. That was my personal experience.

@thor @velartrill @schestowitz

@ademalsasa pretty much the same experience i had

someone mentioned hashtags but as a purely personal thing i've never, ever found hashtags useful except for some fairly high-context specific ones like fediblock where i'm already invested in what's going on anyway and already have a non-trivial background to know what to look for

@ademalsasa Pixelfed is clean and elegant, and its administration is easy. Mastodon is a little more convoluted, and is trying to emulate a much larger network in the same vein as Twitter. Diaspora was a brilliant network when it initially released, but it has failed to keep up with technological trends, and uses some rather archaic design rules. Over the years, I have hosted all 3 of them, and Pixelfed was far and away, the simplest to use/administer, it just lacks 1st party application support for mobile and desktop platforms. PWA's don't count. LOL!

@ademalsasa While I don't use it any more, I actually found #Diaspora to be more user friendly than Mastodon. I love that they had you enter a handful of hashtags that you were interested in that they then used to suggest people to start following from the beginning, then they followed those hashtags for you so you had content in your (single column!) timeline from the start, then you could easily create your own groups (aspects) to post to. I still miss all of these things in #Mastodon.

@ademalsasa I haven't a clue, I just am getting used to this one.

@ademalsasa IIn generally, my experiences are very positive. Lovely people, no spam. Very interesting folks, all in all joining the fediverse is a triple win situation for me, IMHO. :D 👍

@nemo true! Same experience goes to me also, Nemo. My pleasure too to receive your experience, my friend.

@nemo I have a new post about job here you can participate, nemo. If you have more sources to add, please kindly add.

@ademalsasa Sure Ade if I find something I'll add it :) np 👍

@ademalsasa I use Pleroma and Mastodon both. I prefer Pleroma even though it's probably less userfriendly than Mastodon. The nice thing about Pleroma though is it supports both its own interface, and the Masto interface.

@kazriko nice experience! Thanks for sharing it is wonderful to me.

@ademalsasa Could it be worth doing a poll at some point including some of the "protocols" (e.g. Friendica, Pleroma, Misskey, etc. - see )?

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