@ademalsasa I didn't know about Apple Flinger. Great intro to F-Droid!

@Nujtag glad to hear that and thank you very much for sharing!

@ademalsasa Yeah! No problem. I'm slowly transitioning onto Graphene OS from iOS, so any information to do with F-Droid is interesting. :)

F-Droid for beginners:
Don't bother. Half the time it's broken.

@abloo main problems:
- slow update cycle
- have to wait an app to download, then click update(you will forget by then)
- updates are manual(though it will be automated in future)

Not everything, but important things.
Awesomeness is 3rd party repo(faster and primary update source)


Interesting. I almost never have to wait for an app update to download. F-Droid periodically checks in the background and automatically downloads the APK for updatable apps.

Then I get a notification that the update is ready to install. I open it and have to click “Update” for each app, which is a little slow, compared to Google Play, but not too bad.

Only once in a very rare while is the APK not already downloaded and I have to wait for that. In those cases, I skip it and come back later when F-Droid has already downloaded it.


@danjones000 that's weird I mean both of us are using the latest updates, are you by chance using Android 11+?

@Dashtop I am on Android 11, on a Samsung Galaxy S7 with default install (no custom ROM).

But I’m pretty sure it worked the way I just described before the upgrade to 11.

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