List of Useful Free Software Graphics Resources

Sharing is very appreciated.



Libre Graphics Tools

L. Graphics World

L. Graphics Meeting

L. Graphics Club


Open Source Design

O. Source Publishing

Beautiful Open

Hello, @freedcreative, I have a new post about libre graphics I think you might be interested. Please share yours too if you know resources that were not listed above.

@freedcreative this is the link, Kezz.

Actually, Kezz, you can simply click at my post mentioning you above and you got "the post about libre graphics" just at the above it.

Let me hear your comments!

@ademalsasa Ah, sorry I missed the indicator of an earlier post. Looks like a great round up!

@freedcreative thank you very much, Kezz! No need to apologize. Please share if you have more resources in this field -- I am sure you have plenty of them.

@ademalsasa I think GDQuest, both their site and YouTube channel, might fit your list.

I have a couple of YouTube channels on libre graphics actually. Would they suit?

@freedcreative amazing! From where did you know that I was a game developer before, Kezz? This is a news to me and I love it immediately.

For your channels, of course please share here, Kezz. This our place to share.

@ademalsasa I didn’t know that, cool!

Okay here’s my list:

UkrArtDesign, Inkscape

Aurélien PIERE Photo, Darktable dev

Ed Tasso, Krita animator (uses proprietary nle)

grafikwork, Krita

Doug Lopes, Krita


Sara Tepes, Krita

Zakey Design, GIMP Inkscape

(More coming after lunch 🙂)

@freedcreative reshared! Bookmarked too. Thank you very much for sharing, Kezz.

@ademalsasa TJ Free, variety mostly FOSS

shirin parchekani, Krita

Synfig official

Inkscape official

Sampo Pesonen, Blender Krita

Prism Raven, Krita

Forgot there were so many.

And though I haven’t uploaded in a year while I’ve been out of action, I will soon be posting my own stuff at:

Freed Ceative

PhotoGimp is a cool add on for GIMP, which makes it look and feel a lot like PhotoShop.

@Palanix thank you very much, highly appreciated! This cares about people who switched from Photoshop so much. Please share more like this one it is useful.

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