Inkscape For Students The Series (In Progress)

Sharing is very appreciated.

Intro, what is Inkscape and everything:

Preface of the series:

Preparations, like downloading and installing Inkscape:

Open and save drawings:

Fonts, getting them to use with Inkscape:

Text, the basics you should master:

@freedcreative thank you very much, Kezz! Glad to meet you again safe and sound. How about your projects, Kezz?

@ademalsasa Just getting back at it!

Was out of action for a year but now I’m back on FOSS creative software and loving it. All my tutorial and teaching plans are back on the table. And I still intend to make the Kdenlive course you suggested. 🙂


@freedcreative wow, amazing! You still remembered my suggestion, Kezz. Wish you luck.

@ademalsasa Of course, it’s a great idea! Looking forward to it.

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