Inkscape For Students The Series (In Progress)

Sharing is very appreciated.

Intro, what is Inkscape and everything:

Preface of the series:

Preparations, like downloading and installing Inkscape:

Open and save drawings:

Fonts, getting them to use with Inkscape:

Text, the basics you should master:

@ademalsasa Nice. Is there a reason for the shortened URLs? One has to click two times, and read a warning, in order to access each tutorial.

@yaglb sorry for the inconvenience. The reason was the original URL are too long I could not made them into one post, and, the two steps you mentioned are to make sure you are not deceived by wrong URL or malicious URL aka you can read what you will really open before you open it. If you see the website, describes itself as "The Ethical URL Shortener". Thanks for kindly asking.

@ademalsasa Yep, I read that. I was worried some might get dissuaded to access your resources by this warning.

@yaglb I see. Thank you very much for your concern! However, I am in search of a good link shortener so that was my first try. Actually, I want shortener like what Free Software Foundation had and used everyday already if you know, please look at @fsf.

@ademalsasa @yaglb Mastodon treats all URLs as having the same length (23 characters):

Or did they at some point change that so URLs shorter than that counted less than 23? I remember people were discussing that.

@freedcreative thank you very much, Kezz! Glad to meet you again safe and sound. How about your projects, Kezz?

@ademalsasa Just getting back at it!

Was out of action for a year but now I’m back on FOSS creative software and loving it. All my tutorial and teaching plans are back on the table. And I still intend to make the Kdenlive course you suggested. 🙂

@freedcreative wow, amazing! You still remembered my suggestion, Kezz. Wish you luck.

@ademalsasa Of course, it’s a great idea! Looking forward to it.

@ademalsasa by the way you don't need to use a link shortener, mastodon makes every link count for 26 or so characters anyway haha

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