What free software do you use everyday the most?

Please help share.

:gnu: :linux: :kde: :kubuntu: :firefox: :inkscape: :gimp: :emacs:

You are the first person to participate here, my friend @hinketu_n. Let's share once again!

I chose "Browser, office, and Player".

I use Firefox, LibreOffice, and VLC everyday for both personal and teaching purposes.

Let me share with you. My computer is Thinkpad, my OS is Kubuntu, my desktop is KDE, and my job is teaching and writing. I am an avid Telegram and Mastodon user -- Telegram for teaching, as a classroom, and Mastodon to communicate with you all.

I attached my poster with this message, created with Inkscape illustrator.

Browser and Illustrator,
vote to Browser, office, and player.

Wikipedia says the Server Software of Telegram is proprietary

@jele @ademalsasa that's true. only the clients are open source.
Some better alternatives (with videochat support) are Signal and Matrix.

@ademalsasa I droped FireFox for a long time, now, thanks to Mozilla’s telemetry and whitelisting some Google trackers.

I recomend Midori, Falkon and Palemoon.

As for the poll, I have used almost exclusively Free software for many years, now. Sometimes I feel I have to open up a little, so I let some proprietary code into my devices, but they don’t last long.

I’ve not yet had LibreBoot, though.

@olamundo thanks for your experiences and recommendations! I also wish I could have Libreboot. I use ThinkPad. How about you?

@ademalsasa I… don’t.
I wish there were companies like Librem and System76 in Brasil. Unfortunately electronics are too expensive here, and hardware companies can’t even stablish

@ademalsasa Replace Telegram with Matrix/Element in the picture. Telegram is closed source (except client) and centralized product.

@cos @ademalsasa fully agree. telegram is shady and not encrypted by default.

Tried to swotch from visual studio to vs codium without success so far: still not able to debug unit tests and i can't figure out what i'm missing :ablobspin:

I never use my illustraitor tools without using a media player in the background

@ademalsasa XMPP clients: conversations on android, dino on PC.
Also Emacs, neovim.
Oh, and pleroma to write this text.
@ademalsasa Actually, my single most used piece of software would be the linux kernel. On PC followed by shell, window manager, terminal emulator, emacs, browser.

@ademalsasa As a writer, I use LibreOffice Writer the most, though I recently started learning Emacs too. Inkscape, and Gimp, for ebook covers.
For web, Firefox, Vivaldi and Brave.
mpv, for everything multimedia.

Beside Vivaldi/Brave I think I only use a single proprietary app: Antidote Druide, a French (and now English) grammar and spellchecker I have been using for >10 years, that works offline (no need to sub).

All of that on a ThinkPad & a custom build desktop both running Manjaro Xfce 😋

@ademalsasa everything but todoist, steam, obsidian, and is open source in my tool kit (disregarding proprietary blobs and firmware)

open office
foxit reader
mozilla firefox
need an open source alternative for youtube

@faust_und_pfote for YouTube, you should really have a look at PeerTube. Ask @Chocobozzz the maker.

@antifaschistische katzenbande

> need an open source alternative for youtube

Try peertube servers. There is also a peertube search engine 'sepia':

Sepia Search

A search engine of PeerTube videos and channels, developed by Framasoft

gnu/linux, xfce
otter, opera, firefox web browsers
latex, overleaf
mplayer, mpv, vlc, getiplayer
xpdf, mupdf, pdftk

@ademalsasa I chose the first option. Firefox probably in the lead with newsboat, beets and mpv rounding things out. For work, pandoc gets used a lot. If I need YouTube I go through ytfzf and play through mpv.

@ademalsasa We do everything in OpenSource. The entire website is created and maintained with all open source apps. Our list: GIMP, Firefox, LibreOffice, Fedora (main OS), Shutter, KSnip, Peek, Telegram, uGET, GParted and more ...

@debugpoint I am very very glad to hear and share this. Thanks for sharing your valuable tools with us. Please share more it is very useful.

@ademalsasa Firefox, LibreOffice, VLC, ZIM/Joplin, Telegram, SchildiChat (Matrix Client based on Element), GIMP, RawTherapee, Darktable, Inkscape, GNOME Boxes, Flameshot, GH Desktop, JOSM, Micro, QuiteRSS, Whalebird, Scribus, Xournal++, YouPlay and so on...

@ademalsasa Firefox for web, Tootle for Mastodon, Element for communication, Tutanota for email, Nextcloud for cloud data, Lollypop for audio, and looking for an Audacity alternative.

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