Do you use LibreOffice?

Please help share.

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I chose: Yes, it is my main tool.

I use LibreOffice everyday especially Writer and Impress for my teaching activities. I also writing ebooks and currently authoring a book in progress. All my students submit their assignments in Open Document Format and do those jobs with LibreOffice. I made an educational poster about LibreOffice just some times ago and I was very glad @libreoffice helped me resharing it.

Hello @libreoffice, what do you think of the above poll about ? There are almost 300 people participating already and they are kindly resharing and commenting as well.

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PS: I attached my LibreOffiice poster below.

Do you use LibreOffice?

This poll above runs for 4 days (2 days left!) and 400 people already participating (it's still counting!) and I invite everyone to participate too. Please help share.

@ademalsasa When I have to, I'm using LO, as it is the only office suite installed on my machine. But most of the time, I prefer editing markdown files with {neo}vim.


@ademalsasa I use #LibreOffice at home exclusively

However for work my employer is all in on MS Office 365

@matt @ademalsasa haha same boat (but for a different proprietary office suite). Hard to get out of the constraints of employment 😬

Yes i use it, but to write, tbh. Just text file with any text editor works just fine for me.

@ademalsasa @redstarfish I generally use #LibreOffice for literature writing and often times editing .docx or converting .pptx to .pdf.

@ademalsasa I used to use LibreOffice as my main office suite. Now I tend to use vim and LaTeX for word processing. I haven't had much need for spreadsheets recently and I'll often use CSV files with Python if I need to do some number crunching. All the presentations I've worked on recently were in collaboration with classmates at university so I used Google slides.


Among of my tools. Working in educational sector. At work it's all Microsoft suite, but my machine is Linux and LibreOffice fills the gap.

@ademalsasa I chose: another tool.

I used to have LibreOffice as my main office suite on Arch GNU/Linux, but now I have a family subscription to Office 365 (not paid by me) which also gives me 3Tb storage on OneDrive, which is the reason I switched to the Microsoft Office. Also I feel like Libre Office looks terrible on any platform except for GNU/Linux, and since I now only use Mac and Windows as my main operating systems, it was an another contributing factor for the switch. Also iPad support

@ademalsasa I absolutely loved LibreOffice on KDE Plasma though, and I ironically prefer it over KDE's own Caligra office suite. I don't use Office products all that often though, and I sometimes found myself leaning towards doing the thing in LaTeX considering my programming background and the fact that I hate WYSIWYG software overall. I hate Windows though due to NTSC mainly (as I have millions of files that it struggles to work with), and I recently started to wonder why I torture myself..

@ademalsasa i pretty much use LaTeX or markdown the latter produces web pages, and i pretty much save-as-pdf them.. (wkhtmltopdf.. ugly output..)

Also some scripts sometimes, like for presentations i split the file into their pages and generate a script using reveal.js to make it a presentation.

Note: Hevea is nice but annoyingly it seems to insist on generating a whole damn page instead of having options to produce the bit of math and the headers it needs for that math..

@ademalsasa Use especially spreadsheet to compare small data, pivoting out important information, checking XML fields, manually creating XML.

@ademalsasa I run Microsoft Windows in a VM and use Microsoft products for the times my work requires me to use Microsoft. Otherwise I use LibreOffice.


LibreOffice is a great tool, and I use it a few times a week, but it's by far not my *favorite* tool, and that's a key distinction in my mind.

I prefer tools that use markup- ala org-mode, LaTeX, or Markdown.

Even amongst WYSIWYG tools, when I compare my experience with LO against, say Abiword, Abiword was snappy and felt fun.

When I compare LO against (semi-free) ONLYOFFICE, LO is fairly difficult to use.

LO is the def-facto standard, so I use it, but it's not fun to use.

@emacsen @ademalsasa I often use OnlyOffice (self-hosted, along with my own NextCloud) for collaborative stuff. Works like a drop-in replacement for Google Docs or MSO 365, without the proprietary BS and surveillance capitalism.

@lightweight @emacsen @ademalsasa I was thinking about hosting my instance too. Is there a way to only host certain apps (i.e. only host the spreadsheet editor)?

@pablo_escobar @emacsen @ademalsasa I host OnlyOffice in a Docker container, and it comes as a complete system - I don't think there'd be anything to be gained from stripping out the other components - I don't think the code is divided up that way. In NextCloud, however, you can disable support for various file formats, which would allow you to do what you're suggesting.

@ademalsasa please define main tool. as in main office suite? main office suite outside of web suites (like google docs, office 365, collabora, etc…)? or as in general main tool (like being a secretary that doesnt for example develop)?

@ademalsasa I use LO as little as possible, because it's giant and slow and buggy and terrible. (I love how I periodically have to restart Calc because it just ... stops accepting my keystrokes?)

I use it to interoperate with the buffoons who send me Word or Excel or whatever documents, but I mostly use LaTeX, org-mode, and other text-based tools.

@ademalsasa i use it to make invoices and quotes, track jobs and materials for work, and making presentations for church.

@ademalsasa I use calc almost every day for work. We get a lot CSV and xlsx files that I open and manipulate.

I also use Draw for editing most PDF files. However most documents I write in markdown and convert with Pandoc.

@ademalsasa I voted that it's my main tool :ms_red_heart:

Ever since I began using KDE Neon as my main OS about 4 months ago, I found myself using #libreoffice pretty much every day for both my studies and work; I probably spent 4 hours using Writer today alone!

The only thing that it doesn't effectively replace for me is MS OneNote, but I found the very good Xournal++ for that

@muterainbow @ademalsasa Might not be quite the same thing, but I've been loving QOwnNotes (synced across all my devices via my NextCloud instanc)...

@lightweight beautiful! Apparently, too, it is a GPL licensed free software.I am a KDE user so this is really valuable to me, Dave. Thanks once again for sharing great stuff!


It's my main tool for long-term text-based communication/documentation/administration, but that's it's main focus.

I use other specific tools for other specific purposes. :D

The Unix approach. :D

@ademalsasa It's my main tool *of its type*, though I do have AbiWord and some others installed as well. As a practical matter I probably use my email client, web browser, and a few other things more often.

@skquinn thanks for sharing, Quinn. Glad to find an user at Mastodon. You are the first one.

@ademalsasa I will admit I don't use AbiWord that often, mainly to cross check for broader OpenDocument compatibility.

@ademalsasa $DAYJOB wants me to do reports using Confluence (yuck!), and for personal use, plaintext and good old paper notebooks is enough for me, so I almost never use office suites, LibreOffice or not :02lurk: Nope, not yet exactly. Im using Office 2019 right now. Reason on why i cant move it yet due my thesis is work on progress and if i change to LibreOffice even it can open MS Office format, most of the possibilities could break my formatting and cross view compatibility to other device (my lecturer use MS Office, it would pain in the ass asking them to use it too). Added plus also, my university recommends to submit in docx as standard format when the thesis is final and finished. not a pdf or even latex.

@sandycorzeta thanks for sharing your experiences. I have an online school where all students use and submit assignments in everyone can join you can check it out. cool initiative, i would recommend other using LibreOffice too if possible.

@sandycorzeta thank you very much, and thank you more for willing to share LibreOffice.

To help you, here's your ministry's policy for LibreOffice's document format also known as ODF

@ademalsasa In my former job at a tax office, libre office was our main tool to write all kinds of letters. But only because the office software is long established there. They began with Star Office changed to Open Office and lastly to Libre Office.

@Stefan thanks, I could learn a lot by reading your comment. Please keep sharing about , my new friend.

@ademalsasa I prefer text-based things for speed (so like vim and stuff) but libreoffice is definitely more versatile

@robots I also use Vim. Thanks for your sharing opinions and experiences.

Que bueno seria la misma encuesta en español!

@ademalsasa no im using Apache OpenOffice these days. They're pretty similar.

@Capheind happy to find you. I was an OpenOffice user. Please share your OpenOffice screenshots, if you don't mind, my friend. Greetings!

Doom Emacs to fill it with content, LibreOffice to decorate and add pictures

@sudoLife hello, thanks for sharing! I use Emacs too, my friend.

@ademalsasa I am using orgmode with LaTeX in the background or orgmode with reveal.js the background for presentations

@ademalsasa @Hawk1291 mostly use iWork on my laptop (pages and numbers as I run a business with it) my Linux box is mostly for gaming, I do have libre office on it just in case I need it

@ademalsasa I've written multiple books in LibreOffice, published by FASA, and designed the fillable-form PDF character sheet in the Draw module. I'm currently using LO to create a systemless worldbook, including writing and layout, building the cover image, and tracking page views in the sheet module. I don't do much with the presentation or DB modules.

@ademalsasa @welshpixie I choose that it’s my main tool. I use Calc and Writer mainly — Calc for tracking and managing finances, and Writer for anything involving basic document writing and sometimes printing.

I use :libreoffice: on desktop mostly because it comes preinstalled. But due to lack of LibreOffice on mobile, my office suit of choice on mobile is OnlyOffice.

My first recommendation to any friend who is looking to edit some files is LibreOffice. Jf it wasn't for my suggestion they would look for unofficial download of MS Office from sketchy websites.
It is funny to watch them google "libre office crack download" 🤣
Then I show them the official LibreOffice website.

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