Hello, @Framasoft and @ChatonsOrg, I made a small article to introduce Chatons in english and how to use it. Thank you very much for all your services & inspiration are greatly useful to me.

@ademalsasa @Framasoft Thanks for your article. We are delighted that is useful to you and so many others. However, you write that there is providers from France and United States, which is not true. As you can see on the collective is composed of 74 french organizations, 2 swiss, 2 belgian and 2 canadian.

@ChatonsOrg my bad! Thank you very much for your correction and I updated it right away, Chatons.

However, I apologize, I honestly feel difficult to read the map as the languages used there are not consistently English/Latin (I prefer rather than vanilla OSM), so I could not find the Swiss and Belgian ones. Could you please elaborate?


@ademalsasa @Framasoft If you zoom on the map, you can see the borders between France, Switzerland and Belgium. But it's not very important. All you have to notice is that all hosters are french-speaking located.

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