While riseup.net is closing down their #XMPP service (thank you for hosting us so long!),
we're looking for a new home.

@syster is experimenting to make better use of knowledge and possible offered resources from the wider #Tails community.
As part of that, using this account, to communicate the following:


Which friendly floss collective can you advice, that could offer to Tails 2 public #XMPP rooms, that are bridged with #Matrix and #IRC.

Our resources are spare, and if we don't need to self-host this ourselves, there'll be more resources left to focus on #Tails development.

@tails Disroot has bridges with Matrix and IRC (disroot.org/en/services/xmpp), maybe that'd be a good solution for you.


@ayiniho just known this. Thanks for sharing. And thanks @disroot for hosting it.


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