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Big Blue Button

Nextcloud Talk

Worth mentioning: Mattermost ( | OpenMeeting ( | RocketChat (

All with free service accesses.

Hi @praveen, inspired by you "Better Than WhatsApp"[1] you shared few days ago, I made this "Better Than Zoom". What do you think?


Hi my Trisquel Friends, continuing poll[1], now I have a new fun post 'Better Than Zoom' right above. What do you think? Thanks in advance. @jxself @selea @strypey @Lofenyy
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Thanks for all who shared my post.

I got so many new friends today after the wonderful poll yesterday[1]. It's just 3 hours with 30 people resharing already (and counting!). Let's share Free Software more.


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Thanks to all who shared my post.

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See also: poll ( | Jitsi+Telegram (


@ademalsasa I use Nextcloud Talk a lot on my own instance, but I have to say, if you are more than 5 people, use BBB or Jitsi.

@senfcall hi Senfcall, apparently you have a very nice website here | Privacy respecting video conferencing. Thanks for your dedication.


@qoheniac thank you Friend, you reminded me to Nokia, "connecting people".


@qoheniac at the first time I wanted to use in my online classroom, in 2019, I tested several solutions a lot with my students:

1st Talk
2nd (Riot at that time)
4th (Ring at that time)

and I decided to use Jitsi until today, my Friend. At that time, Nextcloud Talk was not stable perhaps because our connections (Indonesia) are not good. Here's some screenshot of my teaching activity today.

@ademalsasa BigBlueButton is used a lot by universities and schools around here at the moment because of COVID and it works very well. 🙂

And love goes out to @inkscape ! They did their 2018's Hackfest in my hometown ❤️

@qoheniac what a heartwarming news! Thanks for letting me know. Where do you live, my friend? I am in Indonesia. Wish the best recovery of COVID19 for your place.


@ademalsasa I live in Kiel, Germany and your wishes are very welcome. Thank you!

@qoheniac what a heart warming reply. You are very welcome too. Now I got a new German friend after @jwildeboer.

@ademalsasa @jwildeboer
As I'm writing this reply from Fedora, I am pleased to see that red hat. :redhat:

Looks good, we have to collect public services that host these software as well. has public BBB service. has a jitsi service with live streaming support without using YouTube and recording calls without using Dropbox.

@praveen Framasoft did that with their @ChatonsOrg, and Librehost did that also with their service provider directory

I also did similar things with my articles here hopefully they are useful:

- Alternative World

- Comparison of Gafam

Thanks for sharing, Praveen. Wish the best recovery of COVID19 pandemic for people of India.

@ChatonsOrg thank you very much, Chatons. Thanks for everything and your strong dedication to Free Software. I bookmarked this. PS: I wish to refer to this on my next article.


Thanks for maintaining this awesome lists. Is there an English translation?

@praveen ah, I forgot, so that's why I felt I had ever seen the wording "Better Than Zoom" somewhere else. Thanks for reminding me!

Better Than Zoom from the Free Software Foundation |

Thanks @fsf.

@ademalsasa is a neat webRTC video chat service (open source)

@klaatu wow, I didn't know about this one. Thank you very much! | No-nonsense video calls. No logins. No tracking. Free forever.

@klaatu I just tried it with a laptop and a phone and it works perfectly. It is free, quick, no registration, no phone number, no app required. What a dreamy . Thanks for sharing!

P2PChat | No-nonsense video calls. No logins. No tracking. Free forever. |

@ademalsasa Microsoft Teams. I mean, Teams is absolutely horrible, but it's still better than zoom.

@loke hi Elias, thanks for your participation. However, I expect each of the alternatives to be Free Software according to @fsf and unfortunately the one you mentioned is not Free.

@ademalsasa @fsf Yeah, my answer was a bit tongue-in-cheek. I never meant that anyone should actually migrate from zoom to teams (that's like jumping into the fire from the flame or whatever the expression is).

My point, to the degree I actually had a point, was that zoom is not just bad, it's likely the worst in many way, not just from a software freedom point of view.

But yeah, probably not an argument one wants to raise when trying to convince people to go with the ethically right choices.

@loke hi Elias, I believe in your kindness, my friend. And here you have a very nice, technical point of view, regarding Zoom.

"that zoom is not just bad, it's likely the worst in many way, not just from a software freedom point of view."

I learned a lot! Thanks for sharing this with me.


@ademalsasa I've run a self-hosted #Jitsi instance before it was great had a lot of group chats on there with friends. You need a reasonably powerful VPS though, the cheap low spec options get choked quick when multiple parties are in a chat (although they're fine for one-on-one chats). So for group chats use a VPS that doesn't charge you when you shut it down so you can just spin it up when you're using it. I used EC2.

@aspie4K thank you, Sysadmin. What a valuable advice and I wish people read it.

@ademalsasa I admire you for trying. This is such an uphill battle. Just trying to get folks to use Signal rather than their proprietary IM thing of choice feels impossible to me.

@feoh thank you very much, your words motivated me.

I am a teacher, I can say this is not impossible, but rather easy to do, as long as you believe in teaching, my friend. I can say that as I require all my students to use Telegram (and LibreOffice) to join my course.

Thanks of that, now I saw more than 1000 students in Indonesia using Free Software ( & ) with a little effort without forcing them at all. Most of them then now migrated to GNU/Linux. I can, and so do you.

@ademalsasa for what it's worth, regarding things specifically like "Telegram"...
Not at all saying Telegram and/or Signal aren't "better" than Zoom or WhatsApp, but am saying that it could do one well to consider the nature of security problem set(s) rather than just taking to some jump under a thinking that they'd then made themselves "more secure" or "free".

Most notably at a point in time when Russia has already readily demonstrated that Telegram can be, at the least, majorly disrupted via IPV6 addressing AND the greater west, which it should be remembered developed the net for offensive military capabilities, has (rather overtly IMO) shown it's ability to similarly majorly disrupt public net information access/flow at will through means that include, but are FAR from limited to, simply pulling apps from app stores (basically enterprise servers) when convenient. So while it's note worthy to see that Iran is able to with some effectiveness block peoples access to Signal, it's equally note worthy that the west, which is itself readily seen as anything but shy about pulling similar maneuvers when deemed convenient, takes no issue with software being proliferated among it's persons (and is in fact actionably incentivizing it's public to take such maneuvers).

IT Sec issues (in at least VERY large part) stand independent of things like Nation States, Enterprise Corps, etc. Arguably speaking, their natures are much more mathematical than one of political ideology or the economics from which such politics may stem.

At least as it concerns a "powerful adversary", modern encryption, if not outright broken, has been readily demonstrated as "circumvented" at the least. It's an elephant in the room as it were. The general consumer AND enterprise proliferation of things like Intel ME and AMD PSP chipsets by itself provides a solid QED (aka "As it was shown/demonstrated") of this, though such chipset issues are not limited to ME or PSP. Issues of single point failure/major disruption vulnerabilities caused from centralized network (list) points have been demonstrated over and over again, with results ranging from Tor de-anonymization capabilities to capping off public access to software, on to even putting clamps on Tweet zealous public officials..... and yet Signal continues on with carrying such "centralize"/"single point" ideas with outward proclamations of no plans on changing.…
Telegram continues down similar paths.

and let it not be neglected that such related single point failure issues have resulted in the ME chipset being arguably the largest both openly declared and unresolved security blunders in IT Net history.……

Again, none of this is to say that Telegram or Signal isn't "better" than WhatsApp, in fact there exist very real threat models by which they could be said to in fact prove "better", as much as it's just a call to NOT ignore standing elephants in the room. To NOT confuse "particular" use cases for meaning "all" use cases.

There's a HUGE public incentivize for people to just jump on to the blockchain or to move to new (ultimately) centralized models under some sort of thinking that they are somehow gaining some sort of "security" and/or "freedom" with no consideration really being given to what is meant by "security" or "freedom" (all the more what the natures are of the technologies they're using and how they work). When people react to situations blindly and with no due consideration they often land themselves in situations just as bad, if not MUCH worse, than the situations they were reacting to.

I wish #Jitsi, #BBB and the other #freeasinfreedom solutions scale like #Zoom, #GoogleMeet or #WebEx. I guess those have dedicated #ASICs devolved to hardware re-encoding of videos. When dealing with dozens to hundreds of partecipanta hardware support is essential

@ademalsasa I will give this a mention, perhaps on the DCGLUG blog it may have more reach than my personal blog.

@zleap thank you very much for telling me that, Paul. And I am currently writing a more comprehensive post as well about this at thanks to @praveen's suggestion.

@ademalsasa @praveen I will hold off and share that then. I need to get the dcglug mastodon account set up, it will make it easier to share.

@zleap what a kind offering, Paul. Thank you very much. However, I think you are fine to make your own list, Paul. Just like's for example. Mine will be based on friends suggestions here at mastodon aside from my own teaching experience.


@ademalsasa Hello ! I tried Nextcloud Talk a week ago, and honestly it was really bad :/ Netx time I'll simply use Jitsi, thoug I'm a bit sad of this experience :(

@ademalsasa Don't count out galène for WebRTC #videoconferencing. I haven't tried it yet, but the doc is well written (and includes numbers about scalability)

@lutzray thank you very much, my friend. This is new to me just like I bookmarked this.

@ademalsasa you forgot Matrix from the list. It uses Jitsi for group calls by the way.

@ademalsasa just out of curiosity, why not openvidu? Centralized appriach? Performance? etc?

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