The future of internet regulation, a European Parliament meeting organised by the greens, on 2019-11-19
Aral Balkan is talking about the surveillance capitalism, facebook google & the centralised services, mastodon and the fediverse, small techs & the need for a more distributed web.

Slides: Dear Regulators, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

#decentralization, #encryption, #privacy, #security, #federation, #siliconvalley

@mawe @aral I am a teacher. I really really like your way to explain Facebook, as they have two kinds of users, one kind is normal users, and one other kind is companies who actually pay them.

What do Facebook do? Their business model is profiling every user forever and companies buy those profiles to advertise.

Very easy to understand, Aral.

@ademalsasa @mawe (The only thing I’d add to that is that it’s not just advertising. Advertisers get access to a subset of their data/insight. Facebook, Inc. has access to the full set and they can exploit that in any way they so desire.)

@ademalsasa @mawe @aral Except that we're users (and sources of raw-material) and advertisers are the actual clients (buyers of predictive products).

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