Hello, ThinkPad friends!

Do you know about @kev's challenge[1]? It's very interesting.

What do you think if there is a similar challenge but to write about topics instead of other topics? The result will be perhaps many ThinkPad articles from many persons? With less stricter rules perhaps. I'd like to hear your comments.


Mentions: @claudiom @michel_slm @rgggn @syntax @mw @myTerminal @kzimmermann @nitrokey @vfrmedia @maxamillion

@ademalsasa @kev it sounds a bit like content marketing for ThinkPads. Not sure if it's intended, but it would definitely be a side effect.

@sheogorath @ademalsasa @kev

What if the one rule is to include a blurb at the bottom about rescuing used think pads from landfills vs buying a new one? You could also get more audience and participation if it was expanded to just be about reviving old hardware by installing Linux/BSD/etc.

Do you have any recommendations for places/sites to get hold of Thinkpads/parts? I'm based in the UK. Would love to get an old device and bring it back to life.
@sheogorath @ademalsasa @kev

@syntax @sheogorath @ademalsasa @kev

I am not UK based but got mine off of eBay. Charity shops here often have a lot of computers from schools and businesses too, so I have a few Dell Optiplex SFF that I use for various things as well.

Sounds good. I recently bought a used Thinkpad x131e and will always try to avoid buying new hardware in the future (except for Raspberry Pis etc.).

@syntax hello, Sam. As an Indonesian, I got my from I got T430 for Rp2500000 or approximately 200 dollars. @Cambria @sheogorath @kev

@sheogorath hello, for my idea, of course this will promote it as a side effect. But I don,t see any bad thing from that. Many gnu/linux users like me use Thinkpad so if this promotes Thinkpad this will promote gnu/linux too. And bsd too of course! What do you think?


@ademalsasa not sure how much I can write on ThinkPads since... they mostly just work ;)

@ademalsasa ah, so that's the rationale behind the tag! I see it all the time in my timeline, but never knew what it was about.

I don't think there will be enough posts specifically about the Thinkpad, but since it's hackable and related to hacking in general, it's probably gonna get mentioned there anyway. But at any rate, I need to get off my ass and start writing, so thanks for the reminder!

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