Windows doesn't need to reboot more often than for instance Ubuntu for similar reasons. That's some old idea that's not been true for several years now :)

@sexybiggetje I agree, although I have seen Windows reboot *multiple times* to perform a larger update.

This could be due to packages having separate installers, each requiring reboot before applications requiring them can be installed.

On the other hand, #Windows10 can even update graphics drivers without rebooting.

During the installation., the output stops and the screen goes dark, as if the system had crashed. But then, after a couple of seconds it comes back to life 😌


Instead, we are regressing: as #GNOME is switching to #Wayland, it's no longer possible to restart gnome-shell without losing the entire session. In #KDE, it's no longer possible to update kwin_wayland without restarting the session.

Both these these components are much more complex than the X server, and thus more prone to crashing. This is a serious architectural limitation for Wayland and I don't know what could be done about it.



@codewiz I am enjoying your language how well written your opinion is. Thanks, I learned a lot from it.


@ademalsasa @sexybiggetje Thanks! 😊

(hey... I wrote "these these" in my last comment! 🤨)

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