Hello @kezzbracey @Ahangarha and @fossasap, above is my latest artwork for created with . I wish this pushes and especially LibreOffice further.

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@libreoffice wow, even Nomagic shared my poster. Thank you very much. You helped me spread .

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@libreoffice hello Sir teacher from India @tshrinivasan, thank you very much for spreading my teaching material about LibreOffice.

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@canaimagnulinux wow, I can find Canaima GNU/Linux on Mastodon and more than that, Canaima reshared my poster. Thanks, Canaima. And greetings for Venezuelans from Indonesia.

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@libreoffice I believe @freedcreative and @fossasap will be interested in my poster above. I am lucky @libreoffice reshared it here and on Twitter too. I made it with @inkscape.

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Hello @LibreOfficeEs, above you can grab my & Format promotional poster. You can adapt it to Espanol and I hope it helps you share in schools too in your country.

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Hello software freedom friends worldwide, above you can freely grab my & OpenDocument poster you can reshare in your countries in your own language. I wish this helps spread and to schools and universities too.

Communities: @clubdesoftwarelibre @BCNFreeSoftware | Persons: @selea @strypey @redstarfish @chrisweredigital @9to5linux @ernmander @ewm @adfeno @schestowitz @Lofenyy @PT_Alfred @software_libero_e_dintorni @danslerush


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@ademalsasa @libreoffice Personally, I like #libreoffice very much especially for regex searching, page styles and customizability.

@ademalsasa @libreoffice thanks for your great works on ubuntubuzz.com

It is a great contribution.

@tshrinivasan wow, thank you very very much. I am very moved with your kind words!


@ademalsasa Thank you for the information 💪 and welcome to Canaima GNU/Linux.

From 🇻🇪 to the 🌎

@canaimagnulinux hello, Canaima. I believe you will find this poster interesting floss.social/@ademalsasa/10524. This is educational poster about practical use. You are free to adapt and reshare in Venezuelan language. Thank you!

@ademalsasa Much appreciated. I 'll spread the word (not the #Microsoft one, because I 've a preservation bias on #userfreedom)!

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