What Mastodon feature do you love the most?

Please share and .

I would love to invite @downey sir admin of instance to join this fun. Thank you very much admin for your instance is useful to me.

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I myself love the 1st option "writing 500 chars". It allows me to write more enough to share my UbuntuBuzz articles. You can share your opinions here too, please. Thanks!

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Okay, this poll runs for 2 days and already got 100 participants and still 4 days left. What Mastodon feature do you love the most?

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Finally, this poll 'What Mastodon feature do you love the most?' finished with 'No ads.' selection as the winner among 150 people participated and many discussions happened. Thank you, all my friends!

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@ademalsasa It's decentralized, federated, and can block whole instances.

@ademalsasa no central authority over entire network with sole interest to cash in on your personal data

@ademalsasa Too bad those radio buttons were exclusive.
500 chars is as much as my normal email and it often forces me to edit myself for clarity. I think it's a good number. For longer forms I have a pastebin.
Privacy is 'nice' on masto. No crypto, so it really isn't actually private, but it's a nice, soft, back channel sometimes for perishable info like a link to a file or a pastebin that is also perishable.
No ads. Duh.
gnu/linux for the win!
I never used fb/twit.
I think masto is wonderful!

@gemlog nice opinions. I am glad I find a 1995 GNU/Linux user. Nice to find new friend!

@ademalsasa Peace brother, it's nice to see you too!
I am also a user of KDE since its beginning.

@gemlog wow, amazing! I also use KDE since my early days with GNU/Linux up to today it doesn't change. Very very glad to find you, Gemlog!

@ademalsasa having no racist, nazi, etc here
Also being able to follow people on other services such as pixelfed, peertube or funkwhale
Also not being in the hands of an USA company that tracks you everywhere
Also being able to switch instances and keep talking with all your friends

@aldonogueira nice, nice opinions. The last one is new to me, Aldo. Could you please elaborate? And is there any article I could read for it? Thank you very much for sharing.

You can even move to/use another network and continue talking to your friends.

@ademalsasa some people from my instance migrated to other mastodon instances. There is a process to do this. You move your content, you keep following the same people and tell everyone to follow the new account
Some people even migrated to other networks such as pleroma and it works the same. It's all part of the fediverse
It is similar to someone who used to have a hotmail account and migrated to gmail or whatever

@aldonogueira great explanation! Thanks, Aldo. It is easy to understand even to me a non programmer.


>> And is there any article I could read for it? Thank you very much for sharing.

I wrote a Blog post about the Moving of accounts. Not really great news, but we can do some things to ease it.


@yann ah, what a thorough article and I must say thank your for the comparison with Facebook there, rgx. I bookmarked this.



You are very welcome, Ade -- and I am glad you enjoyed the article. Thanks for letting me know!

The Facebook Move user photos and videos is really great -- a model for what we should aspire to having in the Fediverse.


@ademalsasa Everything everyone else has said, plus also no algorithmic shoving thing in my face I never asked for. I just see what I've chosen to see.

@freedcreative I love that, Kezz. Also, I am admiring your English. Thanks for sharing!

@ademalsasa not centrally controlled.

When centrally controlled systems become popular, its controllers are under pressure to make user-hostile choices. Being decentralized/federated avoids that problem to a large extent.

@ademalsasa Federation! ActivityPub is really interesting to me.

@ademalsasa instance blocking and the wonderful mods who do it

@luna @goat :blobcatheart: (i hope that's all there is, are there more of you i dont know about oh god)


I like the fact that:
- My timeline is not engineered and manifactred
- I can be a part of its development
- It doens't force me to accept policies of one single service provider
- and many other things.

Perhaps the first one is what I love the most


that's a hard one.

500 chars makes the platform actually usable,
but the ability to toss out a whole thread of unlisted toots without them cluttering anything they otherwise would is one of the most actually unique features to me

after using mastodon I don't know how anybody tolerates the twitter model of everything being a public toot accessible on the search, or... do replies actually not show there? either way the ability to make a reply a normal public toot is really useful

@thenanobel nice opinion. Thanks for sharing & glad to find a new friend!

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