From the post above, now I mention the people below:

- PINE64, the hardware store: @PINE64
- UBPorts, the software maker: @ubports
- Martijn Braam, postmarketOS dev: @martijnbraam
- Jan Sprinz, the developer: @NeoTheThird
- Ermander, who toots a lot of photos and videos and his picture I featured above: @ernmander
- Aral Balkan, my inspiration in making this post: @aral
- Kapper, he hacks a lot of devices: @kapper1224 (see his presentations:

Thank you very much!

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Thank you @x and @kapper1224, you two are the first ones to help me share these good news! Let's share more about .

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Hello my new friend @Jonius, thanks for sharing my status about @ubports @PINE64 Ubuntu Phone. Glad to know you.

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Hello my new friend @Lembritt, thanks for resharing my status and I also use KDE. Glad to find KDE users here!

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@ademalsasa wow.

quite likely might be my next phone, if i can afford one!

Yep, thanks for compling all those posts. I have been always interested in pinephones. Phones with #GNU inside, who wouldn't love that?

Also noticed that pinephone hardware manufacturers are also very friendly, that's very significant.
And it's also very cheap and affordable.

@redstarfish short overview, but very valuable. Of course I want a phone with inside, Starfish.


Nice :)

I am most likely getting an PinePhone as my private phone. I do need some apps to work on it first before I can completely move over to it

@ademalsasa Thank you very much for sharing this! I would love to have a proper GNU/Linux phone.

I am yet to read more and investigate into it though. Do you know how free (as in freedom) and privacy-conscious this phone is?

#Purism #Librem5 looked more promising in this regard. At least there is enough evidence that privacy and security are among their top priorities

@lohang recently Trisquel Forum discusses about PinePhone. I follow their discussion.

@lohang @ademalsasa check out

This community is porting real linux systems and desktops to multiple devices (as well as ubports)


@nitox thank you very much. I would love to see more GNU/Linux resources coming from you. I am aware about postmarketOS and i think it is awesome.


@lohang @ademalsasa Well, i might be wrong, ubports is not 100% real linux, it's a Halium port, and as long as i know, postmarketos is not

@nitox @lohang @ademalsasa that is not correct. Ubuntu Touch on the Pinephone is not Halium or Android based, but rather 100 % GNU/Linux, just as PostmarketOS.

@Jonius @lohang @ademalsasa Yeah you right, depends on the model 😃 Thanks for getting me things straight 👍

@nitox @Jonius @lohang thanks to you all, I learned much new things useful here.

Thanks very much for this! This is exactly what I wanted to know about it. :)
@nitox @ademalsasa

@ademalsasa want to buy one, still out of stock, when will they be available again

@Yes2020 hello @PINE64 and @ubports, here is a friend asked "want to buy one, still out of stock, when will they be available again" for your Ubuntu Phone. Thanks and good luck you all.

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