From the post above, now I mention the people below:

- PINE64, the hardware store: @PINE64
- UBPorts, the software maker: @ubports
- Martijn Braam, postmarketOS dev: @martijnbraam
- Jan Sprinz, the developer: @NeoTheThird
- Ermander, who toots a lot of photos and videos and his picture I featured above: @ernmander
- Aral Balkan, my inspiration in making this post: @aral
- Kapper, he hacks a lot of devices: @kapper1224 (see his presentations:

Thank you very much!

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Now my mastodon Friends, what do you think about post above? I believe you all are also interested to and .

@redstarfish @selea @lohang @Blort @romil @vidak @nemo @davidak @xosem @jcast @hyde @dibi58 @Lofenyy @PublicNuisance @victorhck

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Thank you and @kapper1224, you two are the first ones to help me share these good news! Let's share more about .

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Hello my new friend @Jonius, thanks for sharing my status about @ubports @PINE64 Ubuntu Phone. Glad to know you.

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Hello my new friend @Lembritt, thanks for resharing my status and I also use KDE. Glad to find KDE users here!

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Yep, thanks for compling all those posts. I have been always interested in pinephones. Phones with #GNU inside, who wouldn't love that?

Also noticed that pinephone hardware manufacturers are also very friendly, that's very significant.
And it's also very cheap and affordable.

@redstarfish short overview, but very valuable. Of course I want a phone with inside, Starfish.


Nice :)

I am most likely getting an PinePhone as my private phone. I do need some apps to work on it first before I can completely move over to it

@ademalsasa Thank you very much for sharing this! I would love to have a proper GNU/Linux phone.

I am yet to read more and investigate into it though. Do you know how free (as in freedom) and privacy-conscious this phone is?

#Purism #Librem5 looked more promising in this regard. At least there is enough evidence that privacy and security are among their top priorities

@lohang recently Trisquel Forum discusses about PinePhone. I follow their discussion.

@ademalsasa want to buy one, still out of stock, when will they be available again

@Yes2020 hello @PINE64 and @ubports, here is a friend asked "want to buy one, still out of stock, when will they be available again" for your Ubuntu Phone. Thanks and good luck you all.

@kris yes, but thankfully it was continued by UBPorts, Kris. That's why we saw many posts about here at Mastodon.

@ubuntu @ubports @PINE64 @ernmander

@ademalsasa @ubuntu @ubports @PINE64 @ernmander

When will be possible to buy such phone in shps everywhere?

@kris already purchasable! You can look at @PINE64 first as the currently cheapest UBPorts Ubuntu Touch Community Edition. See here

Actually, my post above talks specifically about where to purchase these things & how happy people who used these, Kris.

@ademalsasa @kris @PINE64 The UBPorts Community Edition was a limited time item and sold out a while ago. They're next doing a postmarketOS Community Edition, and it's not available to order yet. In other words, you can't buy a PinePhone right now unless you buy one used from someone.
@brad @ademalsasa @PINE64 @kris if the dolar price isn't higher by them I'll probably will try to get one for myself

@ademalsasa @PINE64

only for the usbport community but the price is good 150$

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