Hello @codeberg, this is a special gratitude for your awesome service. I am a satisfied user.

Hello Dr Roy @schestowitz, thanks, you are the inspiration of this article.

With respect to everyone,

Let's help people quit and find a good code hosting.

Let's share and help more people and spread and make more fun for everybody.

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To everybody involved in this discussion about @codeberg, thank you very much. I found many new friends here!

What is your Codeberg account? Mine is here codeberg.org/Malsasa.

@MiguelRbls@quey.org @aml @Decentralize_today @schestowitz @thoughtcrime @amiga23 @titi @D22 @IzzyOnDroid @Volpit @cosminh @LPS @DrBenway.

@ademalsasa I added mine to my profile, and I also followed you on Codeberg 😉

@cosminh wow, I didn't expect somebody will do that. Thank you very much!

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