Hello @codeberg, this is a special gratitude for your awesome service. I am a satisfied user.

Hello Dr Roy @schestowitz, thanks, you are the inspiration of this article.

With respect to everyone,

Let's help people quit and find a good code hosting.

Let's share and help more people and spread and make more fun for everybody.

To @Decentralize_today and @theprivacyfoundation and @privacy-simplified, hello, this is @codeberg, an interesting privacy-oriented code hosting alternative to GitHub with a beautiful promise:

" No tracking. Your data is not for sale. [...] All services run on servers under our control. No dependencies on external services. No third party cookies, no tracking. "

Let me share with you.

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To everybody involved in this discussion about @codeberg, thank you very much. I found many new friends here!

What is your Codeberg account? Mine is here @aml @Decentralize_today @schestowitz @thoughtcrime @amiga23 @titi @D22 @IzzyOnDroid @Volpit @cosminh @LPS @DrBenway.

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@ademalsasa I added mine to my profile, and I also followed you on Codeberg πŸ˜‰

@cosminh wow, I didn't expect somebody will do that. Thank you very much!

Been meaning to join Codeberg for a while. I'm currently happy with GitLab, but yes we should definitely be pushing use of better, freer alternatives.
@codeberg @schestowitz

@syntax @ademalsasa @codeberg @schestowitz I'm also interested but at the moment gitlab CI is the reason why I'm not switching. Are there (decentralized) alternatives for that, that are equally embedded into the platform?

@der_On @schestowitz @codeberg @ademalsasa @syntax it's a bad idea to use See OTOH, there is nothing wrong with using or (#gitlab instances for the free world)

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @schestowitz @codeberg @ademalsasa @syntax I've run my own gitlab instance for many years, but it soon outgrown me and the number of projects I needed to host on it. You need a really powerfull server and maintain it very good together with a good backup strategy. I'm very open to ethical alternatives or gitlab hosters that do not grind my wallet.

@der_On one good news came from the @fsf as they planned to make an ethical code hosting alternative:

"... (FSF) is planning to launch a public code hosting and collaboration platform ("forge"), to launch in 2020. "


@der_On I'm in the same position as you, but using Drone CI might work since it uses Oauth2 and there's a guide for gitea which codeberg is abased on.


@syntax thank you very much Sam Howell for sharing! And yes, I agree we should be pushing better alternatives to .

@codeberg @schestowitz

@ademalsasa @codeberg @schestowitz

I don't understand much of what you all post but Dr Roy @schestowitz is the reason I am here too and I say thank you

@ademalsasa @codeberg @schestowitz

Can you help - Trying to set up laptop w/o anything Microsoft - 1st Obstacle which operating system to use by a non-techie. Any pointers would be appreciated (you would have to really 'dumb it down' for me to understand. Thank you,

@VOBE hello, VOBE. For similar cases I handled up to this day, I helped people I meet to get Kubuntu and install it onto the laptop. It is a non-Microsoft modern friendly system with Android phone integration. I often recommend Kubuntu to my students and non-techies. I wish you luck and success.

@codeberg @schestowitz

@VOBE Kubuntu is a good start. If you have any questions just ask. Welcome to the Fediverse. πŸ˜€πŸ––πŸ‘‹ :linux:


@datenteiler @ademalsasa

Thank you

WIll wifi and everything work (w/o incoming of Gates' regular updated viruses?

@VOBE for your question about viruses, you don't have to worry, we GNU/Linux users are the happiest people on earth who live without viruses and without antiviruses. It is secure and comes from security minded society.


@VOBE @ademalsasa @codeberg @schestowitz Do you need the operating system to be entirely free/open-source or are you okay with some proprietary (no source code, black box) software.
If you want an entirely #FreeSoftware OS, things like Wi-Fi might not work.
In other words, do you need full freedom or convenience more?


Convenience I think as everything has to work

Going to download libre instead of office

@VOBE Kubuntu works with wifi out of the box. Try Kubuntu first without installation to see if the wifi is detected and working. Yes, it is more than Windows as you don't have to install it in order to try out all its features.

@schestowitz @codeberg

Will #codeberg accept any content ? Html, asciidoc, binary , political propaganda ,... ?
@codeberg @schestowitz

@codeberg nice share, Codeberg. Let me help convey it to people.

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