What new feature do you wish on Mastodon?

Please share and .

This poll continues my previous toot titled Mastodon New Feature Wishes May 2020

On that toot, I wished the first to be Preview Post as it is really important. I don't want to toot unprofessionally, just like I don't want to post wrong / flawed / misspelled text article in my blog posts. I remember that Mastodon is a microblogging platform.

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About Hover Cards, I think everybody would love that. On Twitter, they really helps me to Follow & Unfollow people quickly, and see their profiles quickly too. They are also now powering Wikipedia and that helps a lot.

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Have you tried "Lists" feature on Mastodon? I just tried it tonight.

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I want easily configurable character limit, so that every instance can change it very easily.

@redstarfish ah, nice, Starfish. If I could have a 1000 chars post, I could write more list about my own posts. Thanks for sharing!


If I could have a 1000 chars post, I could write more list about my own posts

Look for an instance with BETTER features. Here we have 5,000 characters. At Qoto? 65,535 max.


@rgx @ademalsasa @redstarfish I got 6400 personally, I think content warnings reserve like 100 chars too


That is quite nice and generous.

It's unbelievable that so many mastodon admins will not budge from their 500 chars for various reasons. I tried, requested and in almost all cases, it was denied.

So I just find another place.

@ademalsasa @redstarfish

@rgx @ademalsasa @redstarfish I use pleroma.. lot less resources required and made for “the common faggot” to run

Pleroma developers don't try to obstruct people from changing the maximum post size limit.

In mastodon, it's obfuscated, buried in multiple source code files, and an annoyance -- you need to edit them all again every time there is an updated version out.

This was offered to me as a reason to not changing it -- as it's very labour intensive.

In Glitch-Social, it's in one single line, in one single config file as it should be. But in vanilla mastodon -- it's intentionally difficult to discourage changes.

@ademalsasa @redstarfish

@rgx @ademalsasa @redstarfish ya I know its hard coded there. Most of mastodon seems about raising bar of entry and enforcing pointless shit to make it ‘eaiser’

@a7 @ademalsasa @rgx
Yeah I don't like #Mastodon much beacause of these things. I will definitely move to #Pleroma in the future.

@ademalsasa @redstarfish @alex @rgx personally dislike the style. I legitimately like pleroma fe and rather it stay mostly the same. Maybe make external links a little more obvious and expand extraneous info more easily, I dunno. I didnt come from twitter or gab. So making it more like that isnt really a desire for me.

@a7 @ademalsasa @alex @redstarfish @rgx Have you tried DashFE?

A bit rough around the edges but very similar to PleromaFE. Lightweight, more aesthetically Tumblr. Better utilization of desktop space.


What makes SoapBox FE interesting is how much simpler it looks, compared to the other front ends; for a new user, I think it's a tremendous help in getting started on the fediverse, which is full of new things to understand before it starts to feel comfortable.

The Pleroma FE is a delight once you start understanding it's workings -- a process I am still working thru, being a new user in the platform.

And with this experience, I am taking notes and preparing Blog posts that explain it, in illustrated, organized form, so readers can get a better understanding and enjoy it.

SoapBox FE is based on mastodon's Web client, so it could theoretically be back ported to masto someday too possibly.

I had never visited or seen Gab, but I recognized the value instantly for the targeted userbase it plans to serve.

@ademalsasa @alex @redstarfish

@rgx @ademalsasa @alex @redstarfish I dont think pleroma fe is more complicated. I think the only complication is people want it to work like or look twitter or gab- its familiarity being mistaken as simplicity.


I was glad to see you have been looking at SoapBox FE too, Ade -- and there are live systems you can create an account and experience it from the user's perspective.

I had found it first at Igel's place which is open for signups.

And now Puniko, our admin, has added SoapBox FE as a third option of front end at the wonderful FAB Pleroma mothership -- my home in Pleroma it seems!

I am yann at FAB (the short name, as the German one is quite hard for most of us)

Anyone else reading this is welcome to join, the instances mentioned are accepting new members.

@redstarfish @alex @a7

@ademalsasa @redstarfish

Look for an instance with BETTER features. Here we have 5,000 characters. At Qoto? 65,535 max.

And a quick response, as I have been getting Favourites for this mention. Reminding people :

That is open to new registrations, if desired. (5,000 chars max toot limit, plus it's a lovely Glitch-Social instance -- MarkDown power for me)
that is also open to signups, just respond to a few questions in the registration page. 65,535 characters, full text search, LaTeX and other good things. Mastodon with some added extras. No MD yet, might be coming.

You could consider and use one of those as secondary instances --** the FULL TEXT Search** alone at Qoto justifies it; a quick instance switch with Pinafore client, and I can be in any of my many instances.

Ade, please consider it. Personal invite to


That's available on glitch-soc

@ashwinvis this is new idea to me! Hmmm, so if it exists, I could search for in one click and that is awesome. Thanks for sharing, ashwinvis.

@ademalsasa @ashwinvis you can do that already I think? Advanced web view -> search for a hashtag -> in the column click on settings -> pin -> click on settings again -> include additional tags for this column -> add more tags

@jmehne @ademalsasa Wow, this opens up a lot of possibilities. I will miss the basic interface though 😔

@ashwinvis @ademalsasa yeah I also find the advanced interface a bit much, but that's such a killer feature that allows me to nicely filter for federated interesting content that I can't do without it any more.

J'ai pas trouvé comment faire ça sur #sengi malheureusement...
Pourtant c'est vachement utile !
(par exemple il y a plusieurs mots-croisillons pour debian, c'est triste de devoir en faire plusieurs colonnes)

@LienRag je pourrai y regarder. 🙂 Mais comme toujours, le mieux pour les demandes de feature c'est de les poster sur le github pour qu'on ne les oublis pas.


Spa faux, y'a plus qu'à attendre la migration vers un gitlab quelconque...

@LienRag comme déjà dis, ce n'est pas prévu. 😉

Et en passant, je ne te demande pas de te créer un compte sur github avec ton vrai nom ou autre, mais de prendre quelques minutes de ton temps pour demander une fonctionnalité qui prendra quelques heures de celui qui la réalisera.
Ça ne me semble pas déraisonnable. 🙂


Sans vouloir troller, je ne comprends pas ?
On peut faire une feature request sur Github sans y avoir un compte ? J'avais cru comprendre le contraire...


Rien ne t’empêche de te créer un compte.
Et si c'est un problème de vie privée, tu peux très bien utiliser un email jetable, un pseudonyme et un VPN.

@amael I also want this, to be honest. I heard that, a Mastodon modified platform, supports Markdown and hyperlinks. I know that from ... wait, sorry I forgot the person's name. Thanks for sharing!


I heard that, a Mastodon modified platform, supports Markdown and hyperlinks. I know that from ... wait, sorry I forgot the person's name.

That would be me, Ade. We have some extensive mails about it, with examples of hidden links like this one.

(an excellent reference page, btw.)


@zleap I just tried it, I think it makes custom timelines we can choose freely by ourselves. Awesome, right?

I can make a custom stream of news of people I followed.

For example, if I want to make timeline for foods, I group people I followed who often share about foods in a new List I can name it Culinary. And so on.

To access the timelines, just visit the Lists have been made.

Please try it first and tell me your opinions. Thanks for asking good question!


I got this far, but nothing happens, I can delete @globcoco but can't seem to add.

@zleap in my example, I type a keyword > suggestions appear > I click the plus button > I press enter > I search for another keywords > close the dialog > see the List stream I made.


@zleap @ademalsasa

That can be good to know if I want to delete @globcoco 😜!

@globcoco @ademalsasa

I was trying to add you to a list which include yourself, @freemo and @design_RG

@globcoco @zleap to delete a person from a list, simply click X button beside the name.

@ademalsasa @globcoco
In my screenshot I can't do anything else, other thanjust press escape to remove the box.

@zleap @globcoco hello Paul, here I made a short video of I am doing a list including the X buttons. I hope this helps.

@ademalsasa @globcoco

Cool, I got it now, thanks, we should make the video widely available as part of a sort of mastodon training suite.

@ademalsasa @globcoco

It doesn't need to be, sometimes it is not immediately obvious how to do something. People end up clicking in circles.

@zleap @globcoco ah, glad you said that! I am really glad if what I made is useful to somebody else.


wonderful -- it makes sense now, nice work, very useful Ade!

@zleap @globcoco

@rgx wow, I didn't think it would be useful for more people. You are welcome, RGX. @zleap @globcoco

@ademalsasa @zleap

It's a great feature, I've been proposing some improvements on github for a while, and other people too.

One cool feature would be to be able to mute people on the main timelines (e.g. bots) but still be able to view the posts on specific lists.

Would also be cool if older posts weren't dropped.

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