@seb wow, seb, I didn't think somebody else will help me share Why Quit Facebook. Thanks for sharing!

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As there are people resharing this post, I want to mention other people. Hello @fossasap, what do you think about this? It is about . Thanks in advance.

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@ademalsasa interesting! Why did you think that way?

My suggestion is to put your own personal thought or make it an article which briefly includes the key points in those articles.

@ademalsasa @Decentralize_today

People don't understand this concept. Why we have to delete our facebook and generaly not using #gafam

It is a good article.

Nevertheless. My critizism is. You do not have graduation. If people want to use less or almost not ? I still have gmail I still see very often youtube. I think I still have a facebook account that I didn't access for at least 1 or 2 years.

How to make marketing without GAFAM? I am thinking open a facebook account in order to share a new site.

I created a new website. And in one month I had 15 visitors. Not in one day !!!!

This site is indexed in google but not visible in the first pages.

I realised that the web is not federated or open as it used to be in the begining. But people stay in their apps and did not go out.

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