List of GNU Distros on Mastodon

Please help me share.

- Ubuntu @ubuntu
- Ubuntu MATE @ubuntumate
- Kubuntu @Kubuntu
- Xubuntu @xubuntu
- Lubuntu @lubuntu
- Ubuntu Studio @ubuntustudio - Mint @linuxmint
- Debian @debian
- openSUSE @opensuse
- PureOS @purism
- GuixSD @guix
- Manjaro @manjarolinux
- OpenMandriva @OpenMandriva
- elementary OS @elementary
- MX @mxlinux

Not joined yet:
- Fedora
- Red Hat
- CentOS
- Trisquel
- Mageia
- ...

: I wish all join Mastodon.


@LETRA I have no information regarding KDE neon yet. Have you?

@ademalsasa Hi, I don't have it, but I mentioned it because I think the official distribution of the second most used desktop environment in GNU/Linux deserved to be named before several others that appeared in your message.

@ademalsasa Anyway, it is surprising that many applications and Linux systems do not have or do not publish on their webpages their federative accounts but they do with Facebook or Twitter accounts. This is an attitude that is not very careful with the free ecosystem.

@LETRA to this concern, yes, that is why I take my time to make this post. Thank you, you helped me spread this awareness.

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