Ubuntu 20.04 for Schools, Teachers, and Students



@ubuntu is ready for education. I recommend tools and their user guides for based on version Focal Fossa: document editing, picture editing, note taking, video screencast, video conference online spreadsheet, bibliography making, & more (all ). I use (by @Chocobozzz @Framasoft) to host the video & it's also mentioned in the article.

@ademalsasa Website to check how good is your connection to a set of public Jitsi instances.

@_1751015 wow, it is what I need right now. Thanks, now I am running the test. Let me bookmark this first.

@_1751015 hello 175, this is my result sorted by speed. How is yours?

PS: I would love to involve @selea @snopyta @disroot and @amolith in this discussion. The software behind is GNU LGPLv3. What do you think?

@ademalsasa @selea @snopyta @disroot @amolith
Caution: for interactive applications (video and voice communication) the most important metric for the connection is to have the lowest possible latency. The bandwidth requirements are pretty modest (for voice) and even some packet loss is acceptable. Check the "R-factor" definition here:

The data for my connection looks like this (sorted by latency):

@_1751015 this caution message is the one I wish to see. Thank you very much, you helped me out as I know nothing about networking.

@selea @snopyta @disroot @amolith

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