Helping People Quit GitHub

In this short article I listed necessary info about success examples, alternative software & services and who used them, how to transfer away from, how to self-host & awesome helps available, and further readings for everybody decided to leave GitHub. This involves names like and , @codeberg and , @disroot and @snopyta, and more. Happy hacking!

to Dr., I hope this simple article could help you spreading awareness about starting from the basics. Thank you, you inspired me to make this.

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@freedcreative thank you, Kezz! This time I saw your static website, I like it, and now I know you are using Manjaro.

@ademalsasa Thanks!

I recently learned you can use Emacs org-mode as a static site builder so I'm actually thinking of switching to that rather than Eleventy.

What distro are you on?

@freedcreative ah, new thing to me about that but actually it is not surprising as is really a conglomerate --it has everything and beyond--.

Interesting, actually I would love to see more publication from you Kezz especially all about and . So I am waiting your Emacs launching.

My computer system is KDE neon.

Thanks for asking this!

PS: actually I use Emacs too.

@ademalsasa I'm currently working on rearranging just about my whole life to allow me to put more time into talking and teaching about libre software. So I do hope to have more to share soon!

KDE Neon is quite a nice system. I used it for a while too.

@ademalsasa @snopyta @disroot @codeberg Wow.Talking about git hosting solutions which are not Micro$oft but then hosting the article at Google Clout 🤦 🤢 Well,no,I can't take that serious.

next time rather behind cloudflare on <unkown server> or what? i dont understand it

@ademalsasa @snopyta @disroot @codeberg

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