Join the Plasma Mobile Sprint - Learn to Code for Mobile Platforms

As part of our online sprint (, we want to make it easier for new contributors to start developing Plasma Mobile by providing online training.

I you're interested in learning about app development with Kirigami, testing Plasma Mobile applications on your Android phone, and developing phone functionality, tell us when can join here so we can plan the sessions:

Thanks everyone for participating in poll. We are planning to start sessions at 13:00 UTC / 15:00 CEST tomorrow.

Current topics include:

- Run #PlasmaMobile on the desktop [ @bshah ]
- How to use ofono-phonesim [ @Jbb ]
- Introduction to #Kirigami [ @nicofee ]
- Porting #PlasmaMobile apps to Android [ @nicofee ]

More details at:


@plasmamobile @bshah @Jbb @nicofee I saw here. I am looking for real case use of technology for online conferencing. Than you !

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