I'm a visual #artist working who builds #interactive digital media installations. I'm a supporter of #opensource and #commonage or #commons (digital and physical).

I am working on projects about 'networks' (woodland, digital, human) and planning to use a platform for a project in the UK later this year.

Look forward to meeting #artist #curator #environmentalist #programmer or anyone interested in a world built on community!

I'll post some recent #artworks here to get started.


@ephemeral hi Fionnain, thanks for resharing my post about Code Hosting. What free software you are using to create digital painting? Krita or GIMP? I think it is better if you mention it on your profile. Thanks!

@ademalsasa hi Ade, thanks for the link to share!

I actually don't make digital painting. I make paintings using actual, real life, physical paint. I use those paintings in interactive digital installations, using lots of tools (raspberry pi, Arduino, sensors & electronics, Processing, Python, web tech and lots of other things - too many to list!) - it's all on my profile but I guess I'll have a think about how to present it more clearly.

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