Found this ~2004 screenshot in my backups featuring #KDE (3?) – and a ton of sarcasm, like waste separation 🤣🤣 Also on Twitter icon (


@bekopharm hello, Beko, this post appears on my timeline. I like this kind of retro customization. Actually I missed KDE3 and your screenshot is amusing. In 2020, I made similar thing with Cinnamon desktop. What do you think?

@bekopharm thanks for sharing your thought, Beko! I'm really glad to find a fellow who was using KDE3.

@ademalsasa Well it had the most eyecandy back then :awesome:

…and that awesome PIM suite, of course.

@bekopharm ah you are right. You reminded me to SuperKaramba, Beko. And the 3D desktop euphoria back then. Ah, I missed them.

@ademalsasa Yeah, I remember :D Damn, that stuff was crash happy.

I digged out a bunch of old screenshots. Will make a blog post eventually :)

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