To people using Windows 7, I kindly advise you to use GNU/Linux. GNU is a free operating system. See

@ademalsasa this is the best solution since gnu linux is friendly

@kind hi BeesGNU, thanks, you are right GNU/Linux is friendly.

@ademalsasa good luck on that advicings, I'm think there are just going to W10 :welp: then the same situation I left behing Winston around 4 years ago, I'm really happy on that actually at home all runs on Linux :blobcatcoffee:

@castrillo hello, Jose. Thanks! I really appreciate anyone supporting GNU/Linux.

For those who decided to use W10 anyway, I will kindly remind them there are built-in malicious software in it and the reference is among others.

@ademalsasa imho the presentation here doesn't exactly make it easy to adopt it.. The list of options linked to isn't exactly the most-used or easiest ones to adopt.. (At least as far as i can ascertain)

What about Linux Mint or something..(to be honest i am not sure what to suggest) Or some other not quite perfect choices, but.. easier to actually do.

@jasper hello Jasper, what a nice opinion. Thanks! In usability and easiness, yes, we really need an OS that is easy just as Windows. Trisquel is the one closest to it.

Hi Jasper, I have a slightly different opinion to The GNU Project, that GNU/Linux OS is should be taught. To me GNU/Linux is about teaching. I am teaching it in Indonesia.

So, it is not merely about "easiness", but it should be taught one by one, little by little, until a student reaches independence in using it.

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