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Negative Python user experience on Debian/Ubuntu

when Guix will be available, people will be able to use Guix profiles instead of venv and all that pletora of tools

I'm wondering if there's a resource, a framework, a library, a book, a video for learning delimited continuations in I mean Common Lisp

because with Guile and Racket I had a hard time

delving into guile code is a nightmare (to me )

if Guile had a (working) stepping debugger it would be SO MUCH easier

can I configure Polari to connect to a server available as an onion service ?

There used to be a cog in this menu and I used it to open the preferences app

the cog isn't there anymore ?

what did I do ?

How do I get my cog back ?

I opened this file in nano and there are those red dots

what are they ?

I hate windows

with its assumptions, its caveats, its idiosincracies

it's just evil

I'd like to represent a small visually

are there a solution for a 3D visualization maybe based on ``
or something ?

Is there anything for 2D ?

ok, let's remove whatsapp

but Telegram is introducing ads too

what can I suggest to my "normie" friends ?

Workbench is not supposed to run on Ubuntu ?

Really ?

What GUI tool can I use for some administrative tasks ?

I need to set up a dev environment on my machine

How do I go about that ?

Which packages do I need ?

I need to work on some connections to based dbs through

in a few days I'll give a class about relational databases

what database can I use as a template ?

On Wikipedia there's a page about normalization and it shows a database about books

My pupils will be 20somethings. Are books a good subject for them ?

Do milenials still know about books ?

the more I observe free software efforts, the more I get convinced that they desperately need some marketing

I see Lyx, LaTeXila, Kyle, TeXstudio, TeXmaker, Gummi

which LaTex editor do peopl elike and why ?

when evaluating an expression in Emacs, I'd love the returned value to be shown in the same buffer, rather than in the minibuffer

can this be easily done ?

I have this org mode file containing some literary programming

Meaning, some illustrations, some explaining, some arguments made in plain English

AND some code

How do I create a file that contains the code only ?

There's a demo (it's Eris by @pukkamustard ) made in org mode with Babel, the code is Guile scheme

I have some Guile packages installed in my $HOME/opt and I edited $HOME/.bashrc adding that location the proper env vars for Guile to find what's installed there

But the Guile run by org mode doesn't find them

Emacs is installed with apt, not Flatpak

What should I do ?

can I use the experimetal repository on my 20.10 installation ?

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