I see some really interesting arguments by the community about the crisis of the linux distributions model

some of those arguments fly over my head

I'd love to see a discussion relating the Gnome arguments with the features


what I find interesting in these discussions is that they focus on power relationships between groups of stakeholders, instead of features

One question that particulary resonae with me right now is: what do distros ask to developers ?

But there are others

Thanks, sounds interesting! I don't have much time to read this today, but I'll see if I have anything intelligent to say tomorrow :)

@abbienormal Guix definitely has a very special position in this problem space. Like, I've read Lennar't post for instance, and all he describes in the summary is exactly something Guix already does, or is particularly well suited to do.

Ensuring apps know which library they come with? Distro-independent? Rollbacks? Atomic updates? Building the same system for VM/bare metal (though the result is not distro independent)? check all that :)

@abbienormal I don't necessarily like how this all seems too convenient for proprietary software though.

I also see some benefits to being able to install software directly from upstream, instead of having an intermediate like the distro. If it's well integrated with the system tools, that's even better (and yes, as a guix dev, I do that from time to time, to test newer versions or alternatives).


ehm... what do you mean ?

How do you install software directly from upstream ?

I didn't say it was really possible, but as an upstream, you could have a guix.scm in your sources (similar to how it works with flatpak), and I'd be able to build your software. Providing a binary package would be less easy, but you could use the export functionality. Of course none of this is well integrated.

There's also the games channel, which packages proprietary binaries, proving it's possible. Though sometimes a lot of work without upstream support.

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