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The IT is the ultimate weapon

it exploited the fragile priviledged man and weaponized him against the rest of the humanity

The Russina/Chinese/Saudi propaganda didn't started this
They just reinforced it

This all started with Commodore, moved on to Apple, M$ and then GAFA

The IT as a whole is the worst thing happened to humanity in a very long time

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many white cishet folks in the FLOSS sphere live the claim of software freedom (or freedom in general) as a tool for them to emancipate themselves from the small dick syndrome they suffer from

So they wanto to use the tech to enslave the tech illiterate, because that's how they feel realized

That's why the free software movement brought us to the GAFA

So Gnome rejecting their precious contributions because they have a vision of the computer for the grandmas sends them bonkers

Say I have a batch processor of a bunch of files

Say I want my processor to distinguish files that have been edited since last pass so they need to be processed again from those that haven't changed so there's no need to touch them

How could I make it distinguish such files using the file system API offered by a common Linux distribution ?

what, exaclty, are the .nfo files I see in some torrents ?

scrape a youtube channel, download the footages with youtube-dl, make a rss feed with magnet links for every footage

Publish that on a hidden service on tor

I'd like to watch some of the talks at the

Are they available on line anywhere ?

I'd love to try the but the difinition on libos is lacking a url for the download of an image so the option is not available in Gnome Boxes

why is that ?

I'm especially intrigued by this thread

I read about the report written in the 80ies about harassment by Stallman but I can't find it again

Could anyone here point me to it ?


one positive aspect of thi fsf/Stallmann debacle is that a lot of orginal arguments are surfacing

I'm seeing many new arguments, reflections about user freedom, about how the world changed and the free software movement failed to keep up its ideas

about new licenses explorations and the sociological aspects of computing, against the echolalic fixation on the gpl

i mean, I felt these reflections missing in the last years

now I'm seeing them

That's good !

I see some really interesting arguments by the community about the crisis of the linux distributions model

some of those arguments fly over my head

I'd love to see a discussion relating the Gnome arguments with the features

the apps I'm appreciating the most are Podcasts and Radio

It's surprising how much I use them

I use them a lot

They are great and I love how they emancipate me from a browser tab

I should say something about Polari too but that's for another post

I project I'd like to exist is one that imports data from a gitlab (github, gitea...) project and gives me statistics

How many people contributed in the last month ?

Who sent more patches ?

I'd like to get a list of toots that

1) have been posted by a given account

2) I have saved in my bokmarks (not the ones in the browser, the ones in mastodon)

Can this be done in any way ?

Maybe the key is this one:

"The ciphertext is the message combined with the output of the stream cipher using the XOR operation"

I'm not sure what combining the message and the stream (?) with xor exactly means

I should probably try to encrypt a string and then pass it again through the function and see what it gets me back ?

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I know nothing about encryption/decryption

I could use some help with this function in libsodium


the documentation says:

"The function encrypts the message _m_ ...

The cyphertext is put into _c_"

A few lines later:

"_m_ and _c_ can point to the same address (in-place encryption/decryption)"

So it can encypt AND decrypt ?

Guile (and Python, and others ?) and C are interoperable

Can the same interoperability level be achieved with, say, Nim or Zig ?

is there an image I can easily run in Gnome Boxes ?

Could I use a desktop on my ubuntu system ?

What are my options ?

I don't understand what Olimesx boards are

Are they comparable with Raspberry Pis or with the boards by Pine64 ?

How ?

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