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The IT is the ultimate weapon

it exploited the fragile priviledged man and weaponized him against the rest of the humanity

The Russina/Chinese/Saudi propaganda didn't started this
They just reinforced it

This all started with Commodore, moved on to Apple, M$ and then GAFA

The IT as a whole is the worst thing happened to humanity in a very long time

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many white cishet folks in the FLOSS sphere live the claim of software freedom (or freedom in general) as a tool for them to emancipate themselves from the small dick syndrome they suffer from

So they wanto to use the tech to enslave the tech illiterate, because that's how they feel realized

That's why the free software movement brought us to the GAFA

So Gnome rejecting their precious contributions because they have a vision of the computer for the grandmas sends them bonkers

the bottom line is that I don't belong to free software

in case anyone is interested, I bought this device

it's a refurbished one, flashed with

From someone know

So I avoided a purchase on Amazon

And given the level of the device I also saved a few euros

how do we fix Guile's cultural debt ?

I don't know, it's not something you can fix with patches

The only thing that comes to my mind is we need to start talking about it

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so kudos to the Guile community for being so stubborn all these years

That is another stallmanism, maybe this one is better than the cluelessness about elitism

In fact, because of such stubborness, not only Gule is still here but it's being used for Guix, which is another very generous/ambition effort

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but I feel that the academic traits of the Guile community managed to squander that potential enlightning

Execution is hard !

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scheme is a very powerful way in understanding mathematics and how math is general

In fact I had never understood the relationship between the induction principle and the definition of functions commonly used in calculus, until I saw those functions defined in scheme as recursive/iterative functions

And then you get to use that for general purpose programming

That's powerful !

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I understand that this may sound harsh to Guile people

I don't mean to be harsh

In fact Guile is a very generous effort and it's quite elegant in many ways

I just feel that this discussion should be made

This is not meant as a jaccuse

It's meant as a reflection

I'd be happy to be able to contribute something to the Guile/Guix community

I'd be happy to see Guile thrive, more than it does today (which is not much)

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this is what I called "cultural debt"

There's technical debt and there's cultural debt

I doubt the Guile community ever questioned themselves about who was the potential targed to become a Guile user

And a lot of assumptions ended up being embedded in Guile without having beng questioned ever

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I have the hunch that this is a cultural heritage of Stallmann

The priority was to make a system that could be a drop in replacement of proprietary systems that were current, back then

sociology, psychology and anthropology considerations were taken as a given, there was no tme for that

And those assumptions came from the academic/corporate world that produced POSIX

It shows

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and is in fact hostile to the uninitiated n tech and science

Again, take Smalltalk/Pharo

Or, thake this blog post about REPL driven programming

Do you feel that the experience provided by Guile holds up to that definition of REPL driven programming ?

I don't

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The assumption is that you acquired all the knowledge you need to hack a priori

You read the manual fully and you otherwise own all you need

A very mathematicy assumption, that doesn't hold in the real world


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after so many years, I think I cleared my vew on what is missing

Guile is missing a proper development experience

The only IDE available, based on Emacs, is so brutally hard to set up that very few people are actually able to set it up

And even with that set up, you still lack a bird eye view of what's in your namespace/module

Contrast that with Pharo/Smalltalk


I moved my experimental videso about here (given that is going to close)

There's this organization called AllOut

They organize petitions on line

In order to be an "ambassador" you are required to partecipate in a _facebook_ group

Another group, called "Il Grande Colibì" used to require Facebook and now they are on Slack

There's no point in blaming them as there's no point to blame Windows users

The movement is lacking on the terrain of freedom no. 0 and it has been lacking for years now

is there any scientific literature about the political toxicity of ?

I could really use some political critique about the app called Session

I understand they forked the monero blockchain

how do I reactivate the mining by the tracker ?

~$ tracker daemon
20 giu 2021, 14:05:26: 0% Store - Inattivo

Estrattori dati:
20 giu 2021, 14:05:26: ✓ File system - Inattivo
20 giu 2021, 14:05:26: ✗ Estrattore

someone FLOSS expert should write a comaprison between Session, Matrix and Briar

what is , exactly ?

Can anyone explain this to me in terms that a layman can understand or at least have a glimpse of ?

I somewhat understand what the BIOS is, but the firmware ?

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