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The IT is the ultimate weapon

it exploited the fragile priviledged man and weaponized him against the rest of the humanity

The Russina/Chinese/Saudi propaganda didn't started this
They just reinforced it

This all started with Commodore, moved on to Apple, M$ and then GAFA

The IT as a whole is the worst thing happened to humanity in a very long time

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many white cishet folks in the FLOSS sphere live the claim of software freedom (or freedom in general) as a tool for them to emancipate themselves from the small dick syndrome they suffer from

So they wanto to use the tech to enslave the tech illiterate, because that's how they feel realized

That's why the free software movement brought us to the GAFA

So Gnome rejecting their precious contributions because they have a vision of the computer for the grandmas sends them bonkers

I'm wondering how hard it would be to package 14 for

It's dependencies are quite old

Here they are

I'm doing a second attempt to improve my setup, abandon PyCharm and move to an LSP based setup with Emacs as a client

So I need to add some dev-dependencies to my project

Poetry takes several hours to recalculate dependencies and that often amounts to loose ONE DAY of work

I'm thinking that I should explore the virtualenvs managed by Pyenv

I'm mumbling of using Guix instead of Poetry for my Odoo projects

But the Odoo deps are several years old, they're not current versions

It'd be a nightmare to package them all

at the days 2022 there was a talk about modernizing the Python build system

Was that merged ?

I have Guix 1.3.0 (installed on Ubuntu with apt)

Can I enjoy that ?

Dear people

say I want to add a thing for mastofon or pixelfed accounts to this panel

I know nothing about Gnome development

Where would I start ?

Poetry is incredibly slow to recalculate dependencies

And it needs to do so every time I add a new dependency to the project file

How can people work like this ?

Installing in

The Guix installer sees no disk so the installation can't continue

I don't know if this is a Guix bug or a Gnome Boxes bug

I'm not sure I wanna know 😕

I remember there was an on line service that isnpected the html of your web site and reported any deviances from the standard

so for example, it reported that you had used a h3 tag within a h4 tag

I'd like to find it again

By Jove !!

Go to this tweet and let the guy know we are absolutely interested in his videos !!


A locally running Odoo process finds 3 databases

in pgcli I get reported about 2

There's no overlap between these 2 sets of databases

what am I missing ?

I need a lib named "openupgradelib" in my env

I'm using Poetry to manage my env

I issued

poetry add openupgradelib

and it's properly written in the pyproject.toml file as

openupgradelib = "3.3.4"


when I issue

poetry install

I get


Because project-blah depends on openupgradelib (3.3.4) which doesn't match any versions, version solving failed.

How am I supposed to install this thing ?

I considered approaching Elixir

But the syntax was a show stopper, immediately

it resembled Nix syntax

I can't get to read that


I installed guix (the system) in a vm in Gnome Boxes

But now I don't know what to do with it

since when I posted about the fetish/leather/bdsm community, I'm being targeted by dubious right wing toots

are there any resources to learn how to use solutions in the real world ?

I'm especially interested in self hosting

Guix has tryton packaged but no Tryton service

Which is not exactly encouraging

It means writing services is frustrating even to hackers who are way more proficient than I am 😐

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