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The IT is the ultimate weapon

it exploited the fragile priviledged man and weaponized him against the rest of the humanity

The Russina/Chinese/Saudi propaganda didn't started this
They just reinforced it

This all started with Commodore, moved on to Apple, M$ and then GAFA

The IT as a whole is the worst thing happened to humanity in a very long time

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many white cishet folks in the FLOSS sphere live the claim of software freedom (or freedom in general) as a tool for them to emancipate themselves from the small dick syndrome they suffer from

So they wanto to use the tech to enslave the tech illiterate, because that's how they feel realized

That's why the free software movement brought us to the GAFA

So Gnome rejecting their precious contributions because they have a vision of the computer for the grandmas sends them bonkers

I've been asked of there's a federated alternative to twitch

on a new computer, with a new Ubuntu 21.04 and a new installation

I try to open a .scm file in Emacs and it asks me for a implementation

This didn't happen on the old computer

Anyway I type "guile" and it claims there's no match

In the terminal if I type "guile" Guile 3.0.5 comes up

What the #^§ is this ?

Somehow, the tl associated with this account is filled to the brim with extremely interesting posts, both technical and political

And technopolitical

But I'd need a backup life to read them all 😔

I'm really sorry but I can't, materially

I need to eat, sleep, work, go to the gym 🤷‍♂️

not oonly does (some) FLOSS depend on proprietary issue tracking gimmicks

It also depends on IntelliJ based IDEs

In a similar way in ehich Guile is "dependent" on Geiser in Emacs

There's this thing that requires to work "better" while working on an project

This looks like an server

But is it ?

Or PyCharm has its own protocol ?

In there's this function "on"

You can say

sortBy (compare 'on' someValueComputedOnAnElementFromTheList) someList

Could you write a "on" macro in like

(comapare aListElement on someValue) ?

I mean: compare and on would belong to the macro name and they would be intermingled with 2 arguments

Is this possible ?

I remember this was a thing in

and with "apt-file" you can track which package contains pdflatex

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what the hell am I suposed to install on Ubuntu in order to compile a document into a pdf file ?

The compilation process is hanging claiming some package is missing but the name of the missing package is obscure

in the last days I saw a picture with a tablecomparing AI and a parrot

Would any kind soul point me to it ?

I'd need it now

Anyway, I don't understand what the "GNU SYstem" is

I don't

If it had been released at least once, maybe that could help my comprehension

I could download it and see what it delivers

Anyway, I run Ubuntu. Is this a GNU System ?

It's a simple question and the answer is not clear, to me

To me the GNU System is vaporware

some people blame ease of use (implicitly blaming users for lack of success of FLOSS) but then they use servers for issue tracking

Why isn't issue tracking in git more successful ?

Why isn't p2p linked data more successful ?

Isn't this a bit like blaming systemd ?

You want disruption unless the disrupted is you ?

You don't want ease of use unless its your ease of use ?

some free software activists seem to think that in order to be liberating, software has to be hard to use, require awarness, instead of helping to build some awareness

good luck with that

I'm working to sort out the tsunami of (low quality ?) information about in

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