Haku is a natural language functional programming language I've created, based on literary Japanese.

I wrote and article about the implementation of Haku in Raku. You don't need to know Japanese or Haku to read it.





when you're not on mastodon, there are ways to simply write regular horizontal text and turn it vertical with css

if anyone wanted a screen reader to pronounce the japanese (which is very useful if you know some japanese but not every kanji) the pre hack would be a confusing mess


I understand the concept that you want the /source files/ to be able to be written vertically, so I imagine the implementation of that is fine for the moment
(unless there's a "legitimate" way to write vertical text in a text editor, but I don't know of one)

just saying this for the html page.

@Valenoern Thanks for reading the article.
I write my posts in markdown, the html and css are generated by Jekyll.
But I found a way, and I've updated the post. Now the vertical right-to-left text is styled with css. Much better that way!

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