Is anyone else afraid of the obstacle poses to the /#indieweb?

Like, one big reason we moved to centralised platforms is they managed to concentrate money for lawyers and (bullshit, useless to users) procedures for responding to copyright notices

It seems right now, consequences for posting an "unwanted" video to youtube are getting a strike/ban from youtube; consequences for posting "unwanted" fan art to your own server box could be "C&D" letters for posting it Ever

Is it just me, or by creating a are we suddenly undoing decades of (unsatisfactory) protections for users and exposing every instance operator or publisher to liability again

I think we better focus on trying to push back the extents of if we don't want the open web to die because nobody wants to host anything

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for example,

I would love to — very separate from the base game — create and post asekai mods to put existing proprietary things into the game
(mostly just to demo all the places you can extend the game engine to if you have imagination.)

but currently, I would *have* to go to deviantart in order to post them ""lawfully""

i cannot just post on some community-made platform without the risk that say, peertube/funkwhale has to ban cover songs or other places have to ban fan games to stay open

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I really wish fanfiction was feasible

I wish it wasn't bizarrely such a risk to put derivative media on one's own arbitrary server outside some specific centralised hosting place,
particularly if it's in any richer format than prose which might need / benefit from this kind of freedom to use absolutely any medium

I wish we'd gone the route of legal entities similar to sfconservancy instead of centralised single-purpose hosting platforms to solve this problem.

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> As a Registered Name Holder, you are prohibited [...] from distributing malware, [...] piracy, trademark or copyright infringement, [...] or otherwise engaging in activity contrary to applicable law, and the consequences for such activities include suspension

You could /technically/ lose a domain name you paid for just for having the guts to post a fan work using the name of the source series rather than making a clone that removes all trademarks and is not legally censorable

DNS is bad

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how is it domain names cost money as if they're some kind of self-hosting and then have several levels of parties (well, at least two) who can take the domain name back for 'any arbitrary reason' as if you never even leased Anything

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