> All Debian packages come from a source [.dsc] package,
> The .debian.tar.gz [...] containing the instructions to execute to construct a [.deb] package.

so i never knew this,

and feel really silly having used -based distros for ~6 years before once finding out how you're "supposed" to make a deb

"how did you make debs until now?"

i looked up some instructions that basically reverse-engineered a simple deb,
and made a shell script that used dpkg-deb to shove my compiled files and some metadata into a binary package

It took me *incredibly* long to find this but,

here are the docs you need to read to package applications for the "OpenStore"

can also install regular deb packages just fine

but it appears having them packaged for OpenStore is a good way to signal to end users you tested them to open up correctly in Mir without crashing first.
(a big problem with most graphical programs right now)

@Valenoern hello, this post appears on my timeline. There is no such thing in "being too late to learn". Nice sharing, thanks.

If you don't mind, I suggest you to read this and please read my answer there also.

That's a simplest Debian packaging guide I have ever seen in my life.

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