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- "what is asekai" thread -

asekai dev thread

current version of the game

[further links / info about the game inside thread]

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β€˜saucernexus sandcats io’ server will be down indefinitely / up unpredictably until i have a working laptop

which could be as long as august, sadly.

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- what is a sector?

sectors are distinct "regions" of the world map that a given Quest takes place in.

for example, the Quest associated with "fight" challenges would be done on a particular fight circuit in a given sector that somebody could attempt to win
(though asekai doesn't exclusively push climbing to the top of circuits as its only kind of gameplay).

in the kai guide, each sector has its own list of kai strains and forms reflecting what is exclusive to or more common in the sector.

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10.05 "build" (do-over toot)

Garage Punk is like a technician pigeon, and is credited with maintaining & inventing Chrome-variant kai

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Ongoing question:

What are my options to apply for work at a foundation

if i'm in the northern part of the US bordering canada

(or company, as long as it's something like Canonical that exists more to do real work than lock up value from the world.)

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10.23 "ancient"

Peace Punk is based on a rhea [Palaeognathae] & a sauropod. Punk's forms often have a motif of 'subverting usual bird stereotypes'; while people may think ratites are violent, it is "everybody's dad" & only protects things

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Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 20.04 Linux Performance On The AMD Ryzen 7 4700U
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@setup i feel really bad for the DXVK maintainers. DXVK is a translation layer that translates directX calls to vulkan, that's how it's possible to play windows games on linux. but they have to do these mind boggling hacks because literally like 90% of directX games have invalid call streams

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today i learned that the reason nvidia drivers are like 500MB is because the AAA game companies write broken renderers that violate the spec, so instead of forcing them to rewrite compliant graphics code the graphics card manufacturers just ship game-specific hacks in the drivers to make the games work

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@setup in vulkan there is an extremely robust validation layer that checks your renderer's compliance with the spec, this is intended so that you don't accidentally write noncompliant behavior that happens to work on your hardware but breaks on other hardware/driver configurations. i imagine this is the direction things are going

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@dankwraith Windows does the same thing.

When a new version of windows comes out, it includes all sorts of application-specific hacks so as to not break any major piece of software that is relying on non-documented "features".

IIRC Raymond Chen's book "Old New Thing" talks about this.

I understand why they do it, but it's also kinda infuriating.

due to regularly boosting my own posts, i end up checking the tag about daily

if you make a post in there i am almost guaranteed to see it

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[Google] undermines property-based business models [with] systematic theft for anti-competitive gain. [...]
repeatedly stealing most every form of property: trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets [...]

1. Admitted Pattern of Promoting Online Piracy [...]

[Android *stole*] the signature pinch and swipe innovations of the iPhone. [...]

my dude....

"I'm jealous *I* can't be them"
is not *one* of the 100 legitimate problems with google

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context links on why google is, in fact, pretty bad 

Google's Revenue Beats The GDP Of Several Major Countries

because they make money, google tracker ads are Everywhere

things google bought and then cancelled

story of someone who worked at google

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> "zensekai" features AR map exploration & simpler "challenges"

what this really means is,

if you think about how the pokΓ©mon vs pokΓ©mon go experiences differ

asekai would have a more 'converged' experience where porting mons from asekai to zensekai or vice versa was no big deal,
& you could expect that getting "evolutions" (metas) for a given mon or doing a given Quest would be relatively consistent across the two

on p2p interactions, I'm not sure, as that's incredibly far off in general

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- why is the repo called zensekai if the game is called asekai?

zensekai & asekai are two different versions of the same game, but the "asekai" version doesn't actually exist yet since it is intended to be "the more fully-featured version" that will be made second.

the idea is "zensekai" features AR map exploration & simpler "challenges" (fights etc),
while "asekai" features elaborate fictional maps and more in-depth challenges

my hope is to get zensekai onto the pinephone / arm64.

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@swashberry @sir unlicensed or non-free licenses on code doesn't make it available even if it's in a public repo. In those cases you can't fork it, you can't include it in your projects, you can't even really *read* it because you might be the target of patent trolls if you write similar code later.

You need *a* license to begin with, and it needs to be free in order to freely use the code in any way (including just reading it).

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My design for my web browsers (most dominantly "Odysseus") is guided by a sense of responsibility. An acknowledgement that whatever I do I'm manipulating you in your use of The Web.

If I don't do a good job designing bookmarks, history, & personalized recommendations I worry you'll go somewhere else that'll need to invade your privacy to do it's job.

If I don't expose a menu of webfeeds I worry you'll either waste your time rechecking those sites or centralize your subscriptions on a silo.

- what are "base modules"?

is intended to be modular,
such there's a bit of core code supporting various API features mons etc will be able to do,
& then all content, including "official" story & its associated "official mon list", is added as plugins β€” which could simply add data, or actually use existing functionality to program new features.

I basically use the term "base modules" to avoid saying "canon", so it feels more like fan creations are just as valid as 'base module' content

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patronage & self-doubt 

patronage services: exist

me, looking over 3 years of notes & code demos:
gee i dunno, what if my project is still too half-baked and i still haven't done enough work to be worth donating to? i don't even have a cool snazzy website made of vector construction paper or anything

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