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Let's remember, in the tortuous world of copyright, patents, and trademarks (what many unhelpfully lump together as "Intellectual Property" but is more appropriately "gov't granted monopolies") justice is only available to those with $. You have to risk everything to take someone else to task for infringement. For the #FOSS world, licenses must be used as a passive deterrent not an offensive weapon (as mega-corporates use them - they can all afford to maintain stables of litigation specialists).

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i'm now concerned #peertube is just going to be a way for corporate interests to "put on a disguise" and sneak into the fediverse

- because their instances and videos look the same as anyone's right now

then 'accidentally' become the most popular instances much as the mastodon network has centralised,
& their hosts bought out by one of GAFAM
(after which their policies and UX probably-though-not-certainly go to shit.)

did we learn nothing from #github/gitlab


have you been to the wiki and seen how few things are currently working on any device except the nokia 900

that is not yet here

I get very mad that all our devices have such good computing power but i can't use them for arbitrary purposes

/why/ have we not turned every 2-gb 4-core android tablet into the next raspberry pi and every shitty lg android phone into the next entry-level personal cloud box

there's the small number of hardware ports as one disadvantage, but for "running arbitrary code headless" or nginx, ssh, ftp....
they're at least as good as default vm settings
and they come with a casing

i was a little shocked that the pinephone's specs were very nearly as good as this computer

so i'm unsure what my next step is if mine finally arrives

i think there's not a ton of stuff working with the ARM architectures yet?? so i might prefer to have a linux laptop specifically for running 'real 64-bit' programs

yet trying to research them.... they're all Expensive, while i don't even know if they meet my one requirement & it'd thus literally be better to get my pinephone a monitor

previously i had a "lenovo yoga 2"
- 4 gb ram, 4 cores @ ~2.16 GHz, released 2013?

which, despite all the negative reviews on it by people running the default windows 8 (lol), i really liked

but it did a couple annoying things

- the graphics driver (?) froze the entire thing occasionally when the ram/swap was nowhere near full
- the ubuntu 17.10 bug bricked the bios (grub still ran but virtualisation / usb boot would not)
- though more of a user error, 3 keys broke. me: 'i've had enough.'

is it currently possible to get a laptop made for /serviceability with a "regular" 64-bit processor instead of ARM??
i'm so confused

i'm not a BLOB purist, but i do want something "open Enough" to not brick on the next "ubuntu 17.10 bug" & be fixable if something weird happens

(how far does 'can run /#libreboot' get me on this??)

i had this perfect system of chained together barely-functional technologies each compensating for each other's weaknesses

- videos rough in firefox, use chromium
- chromium freezes pc, run on tablet
- tablet not good for saving tracks, bookmark to playlists
- playlists/internet unreliable, pick up & save tracks on pc
- bluetooth adapter on pc drops connections, play tracks on android devices
- small android device steals bt auto-connect, use aux cord

i have actually been thinking for a long time about how youtube playlists fucking suck and an "unhosted" solution might be better

mainly because of the fact all the information about the entries could be removed at any time and they just...... expect you to remove the video and happily walk past it whistling?? what.

browser bookmarks are literally a more functional way to save what video you saved than a feature specifically for saving videos & i hate it

today on i noticed that a digimon song had been claimed by the coppa reaper and could no longer be 'added to playlist'

which naturally means i can never use youtube playlists again and i have to fucking literally go make some sort of alternative video listing tool

i wish that was a joke.

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We seriously need a federated FLOSS Duolingo competitor. I really love some things about Duolingo and other things about it *I fucking h8888888888* !!!

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RT gives me so much joy. Now I can easily see the git status of the files on a git repository. Features like this one is what makes elementary so nice to work with. Thanks a lot for the suggestion and to those who worked on the PR. πŸ˜€


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...we were able to develop a minimal β€œmock” discord client, which allowed us to initiate calls and properly fuzz protocol data to find bugs. While we won’t be going over bugs, one interesting side effect we noticed was evidence that Discord servers decrypt and inspect all user’s audio/video data server-side in real-time....

"Let's Reverse-Engineer Discord"

callout post for :

can't be tossed into a smash bros challenge and expected to immediately clock someone

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I'm amused how #webhint 's banner for the browser extension shows #Chromium as a mere frisbee-like object played with between #Firefox and Nellie the narwhal. Source:

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If you're hanging around waiting around a retail strip, use #OpenStreetMaps! Instead of killing time, use the OSMAnd app on #Android to edit the map and add shops, opening times, add descriptions, tag addresses, add websites, add wheelchair accessibility tags... An hour of wandering around during inevitable Christmas layby time can add lots of #opensource map data!

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People need to know that they do NOT HAVE TO PAY for having a website, shell access, gopher site, free radio shows...
AND you do not have to pay by selling your soul and attention by advertizing!
Free - as in freedom/freespeech AND free as in free beer for decades are available at and at
Yes, they solicit donations, but not ravenously upon your attention span.
You can have a website. You can be a radio DJ with a scheduled show!! Come on! Boost!

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