@TheMainOne Do you know when Brave moves to the main repo? I didn't even know there was a beta repo for Flathub.

@kylejj I have no idea when it'll get into the stable repo. But yes, there is a beta repo for Flathub, but they don't mention it at all except in the source code, which is a bummer because it has Chrome, Chromium and Brave browsers.

@TheMainOne What about sandboxing? Does it have restricted access to certain folders or to the whole $HOME directory like some other apps do?

@makkusu The only directory that Brave has access to is ~/Downloads (xdg-downloads).

Chromium has access to ~/Downloads and /etc/ directories.

The manifest (usually .json or .yml) makes it very obvious for the developer and the end user to understand its default permission(s). You can take a look at Brave's Flatpak and you will notice that it only has access to ~/Downloads (github.com/flathub/com.brave.B). (1)

You can also manually change permissions, by using Flatseal. I wrote the docs for Flatseal to make it easier to understand for the end user, since Flatpak's official docs are more aimed for developers: github.com/tchx84/Flatseal/blo. Feel free to get educated, because Flatpak is really powerful if you explore into it. (2)

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