Office is now available in Collabora's repository!

Repo URL:

Fingerprint: 57 32 58 c8 4e 14 9b 5f 4d 92 99 e7 43 4b 2b 69 a8 41 03 72 92 1d 4a e5 86 ba 91 ec 76 78 92 cc

Discussion in F-Droid's repository:

There is also an open merge request in Aurora Store's repo:

/cc @collabora @CollaboraOffice

@TheMainOne @collabora @CollaboraOffice This is awesome! Nevertheless, would be cool to see some redesign changes in self-hostable app, especially in combination with NC. It does feel a bit clunky and outdated 😬

@makkusu @collabora @CollaboraOffice Agreed. This is the best FOSS alternative we have though, but it's still good enough.

@TheMainOne @collabora @CollaboraOffice I agree with you. My dad has been a heavy user of Collabora since I started self-hosting Nextcloud. He's been satisfied with it so far :P
I might even give it a try for writing my school research work. I really love the simplicity behind it. But it really does lack UX in some point. Especially in comparison with Google Docs or Office Online. Would be cool if the app'd be more modern and smooth in terms of UI/UX

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