@Hamishcampbell @Framasoft awesome! Also consider upgrading your Searx instance because it's really outdated

@Framasoft @TheMainOne So wonderful I had no idea. We also run our own Searx instance at tromland.org/searx/ - I suppose with the next release we can see it in the list of engines.

@TheMainOne @Framasoft

SepiaSearch returns an avalanche of conspirationist, hateful content

@clacke @AbbieNormal @TheMainOne
We can only moderate instances (not videos) from our instance index that feeds SepiaSearch.
If you think a whole instance should be moderated, please report if from here instances.joinpeertube.org/ins , it will help us greatly.
If you think it's just a few videos, please report them to the instance admins.

@Framasoft @clacke @TheMainOne

you might want to use this list as a starting point

At least one instance (open.tube) is indexed by SepiaSearch and is in this list


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